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  • Paul Hirsh

    First, this is the first site I have come across that is impossible for me to scroll down using my middle mouse roller. And before commenting I wanted to search to see if the gallery that keeps inviting me to pay to play has already been flagged, but I coouldn’t find a search button. Lots of free or nearly free hosting platforms provide all that stuff, so I don’t know why you don’t include it.
    OK with that out of the way, this gallery is called PAKS gallery, and they send email with headings like
    – “Visitors of Louvre Paris and Art collectors of Art Basel Week want to see your art”,
    – “Last Chance to show your art at the Art Cannes Biennial – register until 15 March 2019”
    – “Gallery representation with exhibitions in Vienna, Munich and royal castle”
    And the prices are not cheap either. I’m talking about thousands for a 2m wide,painitng with extras for color photo in the catalog and paid reviews. In addition, they take 25% commission on sales.
    They find their propspective artists through sites like Saatchiart and pitch them with endless emails. I guess one in twenty artists might get take the bait, which for them is a perfectly fine business. There really is so much talent around that they can’t go wrong,
    Of course you all know Saatchiart, who take 35% now, but permit themselves to offer 15% discounts at your expense, so price your stuff at twice what you need to get for it. They also send me regular invitations to the pay to be included in the Other Art Fair, in London and different cities in the US. Couple of grand to get a large work seen. I could be tempted if I had a couple of g that weren’t already owed somewhere!

  • Sue Berkey

    ARTPRIZE in Grand Rapids, Michigan exploits artists. Yes, it does dangle a great big carrot in front of your nose ($250,000.),but, only ONE artist gets that prize. And, we all know how subjective jurors are. There are also ten $10,000. prizes. There are at least 1,200 artist/teams that submit, so, the odds are not good. The town of Grand Rapids makes millions of dollars on the backs of the artists. Hundreds of thousands of people come to the three week event. ALL hotels are booked, restaurants have lines out the door, etc. YET, ARTISTS HAVE TO PAY TO BE A PART OF THIS. I strongly suggest that you let the organizers know how you feel about it. I did. They are still all caught up in the “super star” system. I suggested that there be 60 $5,000 prizes. That would help more artists pay their expenses to be in the show and come home with enough to pay the bills for a little while.

  • anonymous

    does anyone has experience with Banditto gallery in Italy?
    I’ve been contacted and it seemed ok. I reached out to some artists featured on their website and some told me that they had interviews only and then the gallery presented them as “represented artists” when they were not.
    maybe a way to seem legitimate when they are launching their activity but seems weird.
    they created a residency and I wonder if it’s just a way to make money by having artists submitting their work to a fake call. maybe it’s legit so curious to know more..

    • Anonymous

      Hi, so in regards to ‘Banditto Gallery’ in Italy, these guys are legit… I know they charge a minor application fee to enter their residency, and one of my former art class student and today good friend was picked for a residency with the gallery…

      The ‘representing from the gallery’ is correct maybe not as legit as they make it sound like, as it is only during the time the artist is there that the gallery actually “represent” you… but you know everyone is making everything sound and see better than it is these days, its just marketing… but in the general aspect of what they offer, if you win a residency is in fact legit and my friend had a great time, generating leads, gained exposure and expanded his network, which we all know as an artist is important…

  • Anonymous

    We are a group of artists who have worked with Cydonia Gallery in Dallas, TX run by Hanh Ho ( The gallery has changed locations several times but is still located in Dallas at this time. Hanh Ho had in the meantime been hired as curator at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, but was fired after two months:

    Hanh Ho has stolen and damaged our work, she has sold behind our back and exploited her employees just like she has exploited her artists. We cannot overemphasize this: Please do not work with this gallery and stay as far away from her as you can. She has several lawsuits coming her way but she also knows that it is expensive and potentially risky to sue and not every artist is in a position to do so. This woman is dangerous and needs to be called out as such.

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