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We are a group of artists who have worked with Cydonia Gallery in Dallas, TX. ( The gallery has changed locations several times but is still located in Dallas at this time.

We cannot overemphasize this: Please do not work with this gallery and stay as far away from her as you can. She has several lawsuits coming her way but she also knows that it is expensive and potentially risky to sue and not every artist is in a position to do so. This woman is dangerous and needs to be called out as such.

  • Anonymous

    I too am an artist who has worked with Hanh Ho. I was made aware of this post and I would like to confirm both the initial post and the comment. I am not going to share any details of my relationship with Hanh Ho as the inevitable consequence would be to be dealing with her legally.

    Hanh Ho is an unstable and abusive person who is indeed, as has been mentioned above, dangerous. Anyone considering hiring her or engaging in some sort of professional relationship, please know that her portfolio is based on the exploitation of her artists, employees and supporters. Also, do set money aside for legal fees as her preferred way of communication is through attorneys. Be very careful. I will be following this thread and am more than willing to lend my support to those who she has taken advantage of.

  • Anonymous

    @anonymous- I’m also an artist that has shown with Cydonia and unfortunately, I have a very similar story to the one you’ve shared above.

    As you’ve noted, not every artist is in the position to take action, but this is a clear indication that mine is not a stand alone experience. It’s important that no other artists be taken advantage of by Hanh Ho and I’m happy to lend my voice to whatever actions are taking place. If you’d like to connect, please email me directly at:

    • anonymous

      Any more comments here? I am getting lots of email now from Hanh who says she is being treated unfairly. I contacted the email above but it was returned. If anyone can provide more facts, dates, shows, that would help to verify complaints like this. And from more than one person as well would help especially if there was a “group” of artists.

      • Unknown

        I’m unclear why your email was returned but again I would like to invite the artist(s) that initiated this thread to contact me at the following email:

        I’d be more than happy to provide additional details and verification of my grievances against Cydonia (which are thoroughly documented). Because the initial post makes reference to potential legal action against the gallery, I’d like to keep the details of my case offline at this time.

        • anonymous

          OK, thank you for your reply, I have verified that the first post and the above post are two entirely different people so I appreciate this. If the person or group who did the first post has any other comments, please post here. Thanks to all parties for sending lengthy emails explaining the situation. This is clearly an ongoing dispute without clear resolve in the future.

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