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Tanja Grunert

from Artnews – Art and Law Art Dealer Ordered to Pay $500 a Day to Artist The artist claims the gallery chopped off 10 inches from his painting. Eileen Kinsella, December 28, 2016 UPDATE: The attorney for the plaintiff informed artnet News that Grunert paid the judgment in full following the court order. A judge ordered Manhattan dealer Tanja Grunert and her eponymous gallery to pay an artist the sum of $500 a day after failing to comply with an order handed down in earlier this year. The judge in the case, Lewis A. Kaplan, ruled in an order filed on…

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Artifact Gallery

Any experience here? artifact gallery they recommend this awful site: This is the content of the email I received ARTIFACT covers essential exhibition expenses related to the following: 1. Exhibition room (3.7×5.5 m / 12’x18′), it’s maintenance and attendance during a three-week solo exhibition; 2. Gallery assistance in co-ordination of the exhibition, installation and de-installation; 3. Art storage for artwork kept on consignment; 4. Opening reception, including wine and a bartender for a 2-hour reception; 5. Printing of color invitations to the opening reception; 6. Distribution of invitations; 7. Our sales commission is 40%. 8. $100,000.00 (one hundred…

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Caelum Gallery

A reader wrote this – any experience here or feedback? “Caelum Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, is a vanity gallery. Several years ago, I walked in with another artist and the gallery director came over and engaged us in conversation. He took my card and said he’d look at my web site. Then I got a letter from him offering me a section of the gallery for a show — for a $3,000 fee. No, thanks.”

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Freight + Volume Gallery

a reader sent in this post, any other feedback? 97 Allen Street, New York, NY 10002 Had a piece in a show back in 2013 and the Gallery purchased it but never sent me a payment. Had many emails back and forth and had to go into the gallery multiple times asking for a status of my check but everyone claimed not to know anything about it or why the payment is missing. The gallery has had a reputation in the past for stiffing upcoming artists.

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James Stroller

Another letter from an artists, has anyone had experience with this man? “Thank you so much…Have you ever heard of a guy called James Stroller?..He has been claiming to want to represent my work in New York…..”

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Amsterdam Whitney

AN artist said upfront costs for this gallery were in the thousands, any first hand experience with this gallery? Here is one letter I received about this gallery “One gallery in New York, who tried that game on me, is the Whitney International Gallery in Chelsea (Amsterdam Whitney) , New York. I think you should add them to the list. They had a upfront fee and a contract for $2,500. and 60%

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Has anyone had experience with this gallery? One artist said they required big upfront fees?

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Ico Gallery

Another New York City venue with a mixed reputation, Ico Gallery offers the same “deal” as the other pay to play places. For an upfront fee, artists are given space to display their work. The gallery is in the habit of sending unsolicited emails just as many other vanity venues do. The emails explain that they have viewed work online and would like to offer a show if the artist is willing to put up the cost at the outset. If you haven’t begun to pick up on the general thread of things by now, let’s be very clear. An…

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