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A reader submitted this gallery, and feedback?

  • Sam

    Follow up from my earlier comments. I will be represented by Saphira and Ventura gallery in their booth in the Carousel de Louvre on October 22-24, 2017 (Paris Art Week). They are following through on their agency proposal. This is a great opportunity for an emerging artist. Though I do pay for space at the exhibits, it is much easier than having my own booth, shipping, booth setup, hanging art work and then breakdown. I will also be at the booth to greet collectors and art enthusiasts viewing my work.

    At any art festival, location and proximity to the most popular exhibits is key to drawing a qualified buyer. There are many galleries and venues for an exhibit in Paris but the Carousel de Louvre is tops.

    As a side note, it takes investing in your marketing if you ever plan to be a successful artist. I spent close to $5,000 for my own booth at Miami Spectrum (my home town). The agent from S&V liked my work and offered to represent me. It would be economically unfeasible to do my own booth if I had to travel to a destination. Having an agent definitely gets the ball rolling for those who are serious about marketing their works and building an international presence. They can also get you into a strictly curated venue for better exposure.

    Another good reason to consider an agent is the commission structure. S&V charges almost half the regular (gallery) commission on sales so once your work starts moving, you’ll be taking home a bigger piece of the pie.

    Just be sure to check out what you get and what the commission structure is when you sign with an agent. I do know that well established photographers represented by big name agencies pay at least $50,000 per year to be represented.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Sam,

      I’m approached by S&V and would like to know did you like your experience? Did you sell any works through them or got any commissioned work from them? If yes, did they pay you on time? Anything you can share will be much appreciated.

      Thank you!

  • Sam

    I don’t think this is a scam but they have been slow to follow through. They are a NPO and seem to lack much business organization. If they do what they say, the price is very reasonable for six 2-week exhibitions in midtown NYC.

  • Whitney Horrocks

    I was contacted via email. All sorts of trigger words upfront, like “international market” and “Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.”

    When looking at their site, there is literally a tab that says ‘payment’ on the home screen. Clearly a pay-to-play situation.

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