James Stroller

Another letter from an artists, has anyone had experience with this man? “Thank you so much…Have you ever heard of a guy called James Stroller?..He has been claiming to want to represent my work in New York…..”

  • Anonymous

    Complete con man. I have had the same experience from a dating site. Unbelievable emails and phone calls from Dubai, then about 2 weeks later a request for money, even sent me his ticket information for his return flight back to Sydney, very full on and complimentary, a bit too much so! STAY AWAY!!

  • Anonymous

    I have not heard from this man, but my team and I have started hearing more often from different individuals offering to but or represent my art practice. The 8ne thing they all have in common is that the offer is exactly positive, and sounds great. The second common detonator is they want more information, so they can assist me better. The sound of screeching breaks on now… This year I have marketed my art more, but doing all I can not to click, respond or provide the artist targeted scams. Rule of thumb avoid online introductions bearing gifts of any kind. We are busy working to produce art, often with little or no support in our goals, the right representation will come through meeting and interviewing a person that has the right skills, connections and understands your art.

  • Anonymous

    The Guy u are talking about conned me out of $509 and wanted more I caught up with him on what’s app he is a terrible Conner and romanced me don’t believe anything he says
    He hasn’t got a deal overseas he is in Perth he told me he was from Queensland

  • Anonymous

    Move forward 5 years I have connected with a James Stroller on a dating website. He, apparently lives in a high class suburb in Sydney and is at present in Dubai sealing a million dollar deal in petrochemicals.
    He has romanced me with emails and phone calls that seemed legit but has contacted me this morning for help! He has had a car accident and has no travel insurance and needs $300 for a deposit on the surgery he needs. I tried to phone him using WhatsApp but he tells me that video calls are not allowed in Dubai! He also couldn’t tell me which hospital he is in…

      • Anonymous

        I think this is the same guy who has just been romancing me for the past 2 weeks, apparently is I live with me, doing a deal inDubai with oil and are $5k short. Wants the money ASAP as the las day is today or they lose everything, I just decided to search, sounds fishy to me, so I think it is a scam……will not now send anything. And no I never met him face to face, he said he was coming back to Sydney this coming weekend, seems very strange the whole deal, and as a business person myself, he does not seem to have covered all bases after preparing for his deal for 6 months. He did send his airline ticket as evidence he is returning, and his license, but looks like it has been doctored. Please no one fall for this guy!

    • Anonymous

      Well he has been very busy. Connected with me on a dating site at the end of May this year, said he was heading to Dubai for a business deal – biggest one of his life. Lives in Darling Point, Sydney and came to Australia from the UK about 6yrs ago after losing his wife. One son Danny who “lives in New York”. Also romanced me with emails and phone call from Dubai then suddenly all contact went to WhatsApp THEN needed help with money to get the deal across the line. Business partner Bernard. Sent me original flight details from Dubai to Sydney via Melbourne (I am In Melbourne) – finally got out of Dubai to then get “stuck in Singapore” – more requests for money, “finally” got out of Singapore to now be stuck in Port Moresby – more requests for money. Claiming to also be in love with me and at the end of August declared everything he said was true but lied about his photos on the dating site. Sent me all these photos of who he is, admitted to doctoring both his NSW and UK licences because he is not confident about the way he looks. Sent me a heap more just last weekend. There is a James Stroller on Instagram and it is the same guy in the photos he sent me – not the same photos on Instagram though.

  • Patricia McParlin

    He has also been in touch with me regarding showing my work in New York…I have had extensive communications with him, but have not committed myself to anything yet…I would be very interested to hear about your experience…

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