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Event Venue

my experience with EAP

Hello everybody! first of all: thank you very much for this chat! i have the same problems. the contact was good at the beginning, all my emails were answered – until the time I paid the fee. Suddenly nobody contacted me anymore. I contacted my bank today to get the money back. I will also file a complaint. It cannot be that artists are exploited to make money. I can only advise everyone against doing business with EAP.

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La Sala/Royal Cantina

Reader submitted – any feedback /experience here? La Sala/Royal Cantina at 58 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA They take advantage of artists and performers by having them put down a deposit to use the space and charge show goers food and drinks money. If they make enough with the guests, then the artists are not charged for using the space. They do not have a tip jar for the artists and keep all the money for themselves. Diana Beshara ( and her boyfriend run the place. I went there to see a friend perform, they did…

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European Cultural Center/ Global Art Foundation

A reader posted “I’ve been contacted by the European Cultural Center/ Global Art Foundation to exhibit during Venice Biennale. They asked for a big “sponsorship” for wall space. The place they exhibit at seemed great (I’m Italian and know Venice quite well) and the list of their sponsors too. I was in doubt wether to search for sponsorship to afford exhibiting with them but I thought I might as well ask first. I’m very new to the art world, maybe other artists have had experience with them. Thank you so much” Any other feedback?  

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