• Anonymous

    une vrai merde et arnaque.. Moca organise ils ont de millions voir de milliards et ils font payer les artistes , je trouve une arnaque les prix de participation …

  • Joseph

    In order to prevent artistic colleagues from falling prey to an art exhibition / competition organizer now named “Premio Arte Laguna”, formerly “Arte Laguna Prize”, I would like to inform you about their business philosophy.

    I came over their website in 2015 as they were listed among photography art competitions.
    On their homepage it appeared as if the section for art photography was open for registering, but on the linked page for registering there was no option for what they had named “Photographic Art”. Instead there was an option to participate in something called “Land Art”.

    As I had landscapes in my portfolio as well, I registered there and on same day, January 18th 2015 wired € 90.00 for exhibition of two of my shots.
    However, it was then explained in e-mail to me that the application deadline had expired already, while with respect to the “Land Art” thingy: “actually the landscapes photos that you sent me by e-mail are not suitable for the Land Art section because in this section artists can apply new projects for environmental and land art works, in which the art intervention interacts with the environment it was designed for“.

    So we agreed on me participating yet in the “Photographic Art” of the coming year.
    On July 27th 2016 I then informed this honorable undertaking that I would be withdrawing and that they may kindly refund the entry commission.

    They agreed, but never sent the money back.
    What followed was a large number of e-mail requests from me, of which some were not answered at all, and many others responded to with excuses about co-workers being on holiday, not employed there anymore, accountancy currently not in reach, etc. pp.

    It is definite by now and after almost 4 years that my cash is to not be returning without legal action, and that this “Laguna” thing is a fraud project.

  • Adrienne Cameron

    An excellent competition, valuable prizes. Interesting works selected, exceptionally well organized, high quality large format print catalogue produced, and showed at the iconic Arsenale for two weeks. I was an installation finalist in 2017, one of the 125 works selected from 6300 entries from all usual categories including performance, and land art. Associated with international residencies and opportunities.

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