• Darren Orange

    They shut down their terrible scam and printing press right after they took my $200. 2015,2016.
    Website went dark. Most likely changed the name and are playing the same game.

  • Steph

    I tried this a few years back. My experience is that they send out a call for artists to complete their volume of contemporary artists. I believe if you are selected, you have to buy at least two printed volumes. And that sets you back about 150 – 200 dollars. They claim that they present this to galleries and collectors. I am not convinced that they do. I believe that having this in your art studio or an exhibition to a bypasser could look professional but a real collector would not necessarily value this source of publication. I believe this is another way of making money out of artists. So you need to way up the pros and cons. I think creating your own portfolio with a good artist statement and printing your own online can look very professional too and some of my clients even order them as Print on Demand from me. In terms of visibility to new audiences such as collectors, galleries and museums, i would say this is possibly not true.

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