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Hi all,

Does anyone have experience of the UK based Emerging Artist Platform sponsored by Hansford & Sons Fine Art? It seems to me there is something seriously wrong with this organization. My experience so far has been awful. Basically they have taken the money from my collectors but then they fail to organize the shipping. They are very hard to reach even with email. The delay has been a month now. I have asked them to call me but they haven’t so far. The whole business seems to be very unprofessional if it’s not a scam.

Please, share your experiences.

  • Anonymous

    In comparison to saatchi they’re far superior. A little slow with communication sometimes but I put this down to Covid-19. I have an show lined up in September in one of their galleries this costs me nothing but commissions. The exposure on their Instagram page brought me lots of DM’s and new interest. So far so good

  • Anonymous

    I have actually had a really great experience with the Emerging Artist Platform, I have sold 3 works and the whole process was so easy and convenient. I am surprised that you have had this experience because they have always been so great to me!

  • Anonymous

    I too have had problems with them. They are very difficult to get hold of. I sent an email via their website and have never received a reply (only an automated acknowledgement of receipt of my email). The telephone number on their website does not work and google brings up the number as a nuisance caller. The only way I got my page created was by pestering the 2 scouts who originally contacted me through Instagram, (even one of those ignored my request until I made a bigger fuss!) I did consider that maybe they are short staffed because of Covid19. The curator who set up my page advised me about getting more work put on my page, but the link he set up did not work because of a typo! I did manage to send my work but I am still waiting for my page to be updated!! I am loosing my patience and think I will cancel. At least it was not a lot of money to join, but is this how they make some of their money?

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