A5 and Average Arts


I have recently dealt with Average Art and A5. I believe they are both scams. I have not received any of the issues (it has been a month) and no reply to my emails or Instagram pms. I am very upset and embarrassed as many of my friends, family and colleagues ordered these publications as I was to be featured in them.


  • Anonymous

    Same here, I was supposed to be featured in Jan A5 magazine and Feb Average art mag. I ordered both They never came, I have emailed but nothing… it’s a scam!

  • Anonymous

    Couple of months ago I went on a big spree of applying to loads of competitions, publications etc. and got an email from Average Art about my work being accepted for the December issue. I was super excited and happy and ordered 3 issues.
    Not long after I got contacted by Wotisart? magazine as well…… with the SAME EXACT email (seemed like only the front cover photo and the name of the publication had been changed) which is when I started being suspicious
    Heres a thread about wotisart – https://howsmydealing.com/2018/08/29/wotisart/
    To no surprise today is the day the magazine is supposed to be released and I have not received anything beyond the order confirmation (which does not state when the magazine is supposed to be shipped). I have sent them an email but am not hoping for much.

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