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A reader posted “I would consider adding an entry for It’s Liquid Group run by Luca Curci. Mr Curci would typically put out open calls to artists exhibit works as part of a festival with no mention of a entry/ submission or participation fee. Artists would send work to be considered for inclusion and they would often receive a response from Mr Curci, asking for a fee ranging from €50 to €200 (sometimes even more) for each work that has been submitted. Such fees are never mentioned in the original open call.

I have included some links below which go into detail about these so-called ‘opportunities’: “

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  1. In 2015 i had a trip planned to Italy for a month. I saw the call for artist by Liquid group, exhibition that would be held during my visit, i submitted and three days before departing for my trip i received notice of acceptance and yes a 300Euro fee to be paid. I figured it to be an investment and opportunity to attend the reception in a foreign country. My work was small enough to travel with me. I did have to ship my work from Florence to Venice and have it return to my departing city in Rome. I will say that MR. Crucci and staff were professional and kept really good communication with me through out. The place in Venice was a little hard to find but well attended. In my opinion not all the work was to my professional quality but my work was highlighted with another amazing artist and so i was really content. I do not think I would have shipped off my work internationally with the unknown of arriving on time etc. So for me it was a good opportunity to experience and see in person the hrd work these individuals go through to curate and put up a show while managing a group of artist and their work. If i were curating shows and working that hard i would like to get paid and pay my team.

  2. I agree. This group seems to appear at first to look a bit more legit, or at least have a curated selection process (the hook is the no submission fee). They sock you with a ton of information on multiple international calls, and then eventually when you inquire the 200-500+ fees are buried in their information. And I have had a hard time qualifying any of the shows against any tangible media or industry support. Some of the photos of shows look like they are just showing large unframed prints of actual paintings. also was very hard to clearly understand how work would be handled/received/charges regarding shipping etc. The biggest flag on all these types of solicitations seems to be charging a significant fee to show, as well as charging the artist round trip shipping. simply to show some work in a “Castle” (PAKS gallery is another similar solicitation) or winery or some exotic venue in the heart of Venice etc. If anyone has actually shown with either of these orgs i would love to hear how it went. I would love to be wrong, but it seems you end up showing work in a show that has little recognition, pay a lot of money, and are included in some catalog or magazine, or the best “a online listing” on a site no one goes to to view contemporary art. If I am off base in this assessment please reply with details. I hope someone has had a good experience, but I have my doubts.

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