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These are positive and / or negative reviews of galleries, art fairs, consultants, writers, online pay to play offers, and more – all written by artists so that other artists can beware of situations where institutions treat artists badly, or that end up costing the artist money or are outright scams. However, it is important to note that “member” or “artists run” spaces are cooperatives and not in the same category as vanity or “pay-to-play” galleries.

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5 thoughts on “How and Why to Use This Site”

  1. Please look into Working Artist Grant. Charges $25 as a submission fee which goes directly to the individual who runs it not to a nonprofit organization. Does not have a legitimate jury selecting artwork, but just collects funding from applicants so as to make a profit. Winner receives $500 but not really because they must then donate an artwork to the organization.

  2. Six Summit Gallery (NYC, Ivoryton CT, Fairfield CT)
    They periodically send out a Call for Artists and do a group show. Leo, the guy who runs it, is a royal pain and my experience was an epic fail. The gallery, really just in Ivoryton, is almost never open because it’s not his main business (and he won’t hire someone to open it). He stages events and fashion shows elsewhere and works in the back on the phone when he is in town. In addition to the entrance fee he charged other fees, very unprofessional in hanging the show, uncooperative with picking up work afterward, tried to get me to dramatically lower my prices, wanted extras (my printed catalogs) to give away free… and never sold anything. Another artist who works with him made it clear you have to suck up and always agree with him or he’ll do nothing to promote your work. Unless you just want another group show on the resume and will go in person to hang and pickup, and will let your work be endangered and not seen in the meantime… don’t bother.

  3. Galerie Michael Janssen refused to return my artwork and eventually destroyed it never paying me a cent.
    My experience with Gallerie Michael Janssen (Michael, Dane, and Nina) started off great. They were very supportive, and I produced hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sculptures for them. They took all my work to Germany with the agreement that what they did not sell they would return to me. I never saw any money. After years of trying to work something out with them and being ignored and disrespected. I asked them for a small portion of what they owed me. They continued to avoid the conversation. Today I’ve decided to let it go. Now I know without a doubt the type of people they are, and I feel sad for them. They have to live with themselves.
    My part in this is that I did not protect myself. I did not have a written contract, and I trusted that they would do the right thing. I am not asking for career or legal advice I am only stating my experience. I think it’s important to name names. Most artists don’t do this because they are scared it will make them look bad. I believe more artist should speak out and name names because we all know this is common practice for many (not all) galleries.
    Galerie Michael Janssen Galerie Michael Janssen Galerie Michael Janssen Singapore Dane Reinacher
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