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I’m trying to learn if anyone has experience with Virtual Artists, a UK virtual gallery. I’m thinking it is a vanity gallery, but looking for confirmation of that. Thanks

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    Yes, I had an experience with virtual artists co uk and it was a bad one. You’re right, I think it classifies as a vanity gallery and I very much regret having had “exhibited” with them. I joined one of their group exhibits and the experience was a smooth one, so I did not expect my solo exhibit with them to have gone as badly as it did. Next to no communications leading up to the show and unclear deadlines, and when it came down to it, I was lumped together in a group show (I was given one area to myself, but i did not have my own separate exhibit, i was not marketed leading up to the exhibit, so i could not promote it myself because it looked like I was just making it up. Worst of all, the resolution of my images was so bad, when i had followed their resolution specifications. They said it was because the images were too large and heavy for their servers – maybe if had not been part of a group exhibition this would not have been an issue. I scanned my images at a high resolution so I honestly don’t know what the problem was. They were unable to resolve the issue, and all the fine detail i had incorporated into my work (because i knew that online work can be zoomed into) were lost and horrifically pixelised. the other works in the rest of the group show turned out beautifully. when i tried to complain, they said i was demanding and said they had personal circumstances (so it was bad of me to complain apparently because if something should go wrong, it would be my fault??) very, very shady and heartbreaking experience because I had put so much work into the paintings. I would strongly recommend anyone I cared about to stay away from this online gallery. I should have known better when i had to pay so much (or at all). Lesson painfully learned.

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