Photographers should think twice about entering LensCulture

This Dutch-based organisation,, run by an American guy in Amsterdam, try to claim to some heavyweight affiliations — I was suckered in by their mention of Magnum, FOAM, and The Guardian — which they have little if anything to do with — and dealing with them was not good.

After they pocket your initial fee, their so-called “expert” practitioner “1:1 Reviews” feedback seemed like it had been cut and pasted; it directly contradicted information I’d provided in the bio, showing they didn’t read anything I’d written. I’m not alone in that, it seems, from what I’ve read elsewhere on the web.

Even worse, even though I didn’t make the “jurors'” cut, they then uploaded all of my images at high resolution without any sort of copyright protection, easily downloadable from their website or on google image search, despite multiple deletion attempts by me.

I had to send them several legal cease & desist notices to remove the material or face consequences. A few weeks later it’s gone, though I’m sure my high-res originals have been snaffled by various bots in the interim. A waste of time, energy and money, alas.

Thanks to this site for alerting me to other such scams and tricks.

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    My experience is quite different. I’ve won a juror’s pick award. I’ve had them show my work on their IG and FB pages from other competitions I’ve entered. I’ve been an article on their website. I know at least 8 people who have won or placed in their awards.

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