Inigo Philbrick in the mid to late 2000s

I met Inigo Philbrick in the mid 2000s, at a Salon, which his ex landlord and ex boss had organized together.
I remember when Inigo spoke, he described so vividly this image of three nuns by the sea (I think it was a painting he had seen), I can still recall the images he created with his description.
He was very young and, you could tell immediately that he was very bright.
Over the following 3, 4 years I hang out with him semi-randomly. Meaning we’d exchange an email once in a while and maybe meet two, three, four times a year, something like that.
I was an art student.

He was smart without a doubt, also though – and I recall this clearly – a kind person. Shy, ambitious, he spoke of his family, of how he looked up to the person he was working for at the time.
I was having difficulties at school and, he helped me, spoke about Sol Lewitt and how he had struggled and what he wrote and put up on the wall when he exhibited.
He supported me and gave me strength, because he was kind, and smart, so he could give gentle but powerful advice.

By the end of the 2000s I was leaving London and he was already super busy, which made total sense to me, given how quick his mind was – it was obvious that his talent for the arts would be noted.

He spoke of the artists he worked directly and indirectly with, never with a negative tone or anything bad coming out from within him.
I haven’t spoken to him in many years, but I remember clearly that aside from being smart, he was, without a doubt, a kind young man.

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