Alert: European Cultural Center Scam

The European Cultural Center is contacting artists and asking them to pay them 15000 Euro to participate in one of their exhibitions, and is also not offering to pay for transportation of artwork.

They do no fundraising and offer no financial assistance for the individual artists they contact. All of the listed sponsors on their website are not real, and the ECC does not raise money for artists. Artists themselves are being asked to do the fundraising on the behalf of the ECC, and the ECC does not have a dedicated fundraiser. They expect the artists they invite to fundraise for THEM.

The ECC provides no transparency to their finances, and there is very little evidence that this money they ask for is being used the way they are claiming.

Unlike an art fair, they do NOT sell or promote sales. Nothing.

So, they are cold calling middle class and emerging artists, and asking for 15000 Euro just to be in a group show.

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