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I must strongly advice against this. I bought an award from them with the link I got. At the same time an artist who doesn’t like me sent an email to the magazine advicing them not to accept my payment because of a social media conversation where I told that this award can be bought and it’s nothing but a vanity gallery. This conversation took place in a closed Facebook group. The magazine didn´t except my purchase, I got refunded and now the magazine is threatening me with a lawyer for the things I have said in that Facebook group. They have also blocked me from social media from their accounts. At any point nobody asked my side of the story or checked the facts. I find this behaviour very strange from an international art magazine. They also informed me that my name is on a black list from now on and they tell everybody that I´m a liar and a fraud.

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  • Anonymous

    Dear Maria Keinonen,

    I will copy my reply here for you again.

    It’s more than strange that you don’t answer our emails but instead blackmail us from other emails ( we see all IPs).

    I would like to explain the situation for the people who read this:

    1) Somehow, you got the link and wanted to use it to get the award. We discovered your scam immediately.

    2) You started blackmailing us and writing unpleasant things about us.

    3) We emailed you that you will be demanded defamation, blackmailing and severe image.

    That’s all.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Best regards,

    Marta Puig

    Contemporary Art Curator Magazine Editor

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