London Art Biennale Curated and organised by Gagliardi Gallery

I participated in the London Art Biennale at the Chelsea Town Hall. This was a vanity show that is not to be confused with the Chelsea Art Fair, which was my mistake.
It was Curated and organised by the Gagliardi Art Gallery and involved an Association of Art Critics who would write about your art and produce a hard cover book for you at a considerable fee.
This is a vanity show and is organised for the artists, the public do attend but it seemed to be more for the artists than anyone else. There are prizes handed out to the artist and small trophies give out, but then they are taken back by the organisers.
There is a dinner for the artists as well.
I became involved because of a competition I entered and won an invited, so I don’t know the costs but this is not (in my opinion) a real art fair.
Some of the artists (often from foreign origins) had shown at this fair before and were happy to pay the price to show again, I was unaware of any sales.

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