Sonia Monti Galerie in Paris

I got contacted by email saying that “a collector recommended my work” and they wanted me to sign a contract right away without even a phone call. I also had to subscribe to a platform…and they promiss an interview with a journalist.
they told the same thing to a friend of mine.

many red flags saying it’s a vanity gallery
no website, ZERO press, no follow up

I believe they make money with the platform they advertise as a must have.

their text translated from french:
Following current events we offer a collaboration without prior appointment.
We specify that the service at the Sonia Monti Gallery is not chargeable.
We offer you a one-year non-exclusive contract, the percentage during a sale is around 50%.
It will also be necessary to take a subscription on the ArtNow platform (, ArtNow is a platform specialized in the tax exemption of companies and for collectors, compulsory passage so that they can choose and make their market on the works they wish to acquire. It is also a door to enter the art market, a step necessary to access trade fairs and exhibitions. You will be able to take out this subscription only after sponsorship of the Gallery, ie approximately one month after signing the contract. (this is the time it takes for the platform to accept your works on their site). The Gallery cannot take charge of this subscription, the Art Now Défiscalisation site only accepts sponsored artists.

I enclose the contract which you must initial and sign and send back to us. Once the contract has been received you will be contacted by the journalist for the interview. All the steps that the Gallery will take will be notified to you by email with links.

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