Inigo Philbrick

I was friends with Inigo for a couple of years, around 2008/2010, until I was in London.
He was one of those friends/acquaintances that you see once in a while and have cool conversations with.
I was an arts student at the time, and was having a lot of trouble at my conservative school, and he helped me, read the letters from the school, and gave me some of the best advice I had received on it.
I remember I was going to Italy for a short period of time, and he asked if I could look into a wallet that he liked from a fancy shop, that the price in Euros might be lower. It was and he was excited about it, and super thankful.
He declined me buying it on his behalf afterwards, saying that a friend of his might have gotten a discount at Barney’s and that would have made it even cheaper (in € it was about 120/130).
He panicked about rent going up in a house where he was renting a small room in the lower ground floor.
He showed me with great pride a small artwork he owned, from a famous artist (I don’t remember the name). It was like a small sketch/doodle on a piece of paper I think, in a basic, simple frame.
We went to see a show at Tate Modern, had a coffee and an intense art conversation.
I thought to myself I sounded so smart, and, the thing is that, i remember so clearly him being very acute about art and helping me to express and sort of raise my game, level, in the way that I could talk and express.
I had met him at a salon where the subject to be discussed was water, and he described a painting with three nuns standing I think on a rock by the sea, and he rendered the picture so beautifully it felt one could see the picture.

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