Dacia Gallery in NYC

Anyone know if this is a legit gallery or anyone with experience showing there? They are ALWAYS looking for artists to show.

  • Anonymous

    To the “Anonymous” artist that is defending the Gallery, why he/she does not identify himself/herself? This easily can be the gallery people posting this. But beyond that, a true test of a legit gallery is that

  • Anonymous

    Yeah they are a legitimate figurative/representative gallery but basically use all these open calls to underwrite day to day expenses. Even their established artists are asked to keep applying through the same portal with $35 or whatever application fee. It’s tough for these NY galleries. Check the length of the show however as with setup/takedown days you want to know how many weekends your show will actually be up. – it may be only one weekend!

    • Anonymous

      You are far from the truth, I am one of those artists and the owner is the nicest and straight forward person you can find. Having been in the business for decades in NYC, I can assure the gallery does not charge continuously anyone who has been admitted already to participate in shows with them. Your post is false and ill intended.

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