Murze Magazine – Pay to Play?

Anybody have experience with Murze magazine? Saw their open call and submitted based on the prospectus…then upon further research I discovered that there was no mention of an actual person, let alone persons, writing and editing the articles – only the “Murze” editorial team. Read through their articles and found substantial editing and grammatical errors – almost “scammy.” The submission fee was only around $10 but still…seems like a scam. Can anybody confirm or deny this? Thank you!

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    I also submitted but later looked through the interviews – they seemed to be the same scripted questions sent to all the artists. Where is the editorial work? All the magazines seem to be comprised of images dragged and dropped into some sort of template. There isn’t much written content and if there is – it’s riddled with grammatical errors. I couldn’t find an editor or “real” person attached to any of this, which makes me think it’s one person running the business.

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