Fountain Hills, Az

RUN! Upon arrival to this 3 day “Fine Art Fair” (November 8,9 and 10th, 2019), there were no indications for the direction of the show (the map they sent was missing the other half of the directions) or where to set up. We turned for an hour before finally finding a volunteer who knew something: turn right, turn right, and turn right….only to end in a 20 car pile up. Am I exaggerating, no not even a little bit. If the getting your truck through did not piss you off then maybe having to through your things quickly on the pavement because the guy behind you was pissed that you stopped and found your booth. Finally, you think you can set up and realize that you forgot your tools, up the rocky hill you go. This was not a festival for artist, it was more like a farmers market….from “bacon cookers, picnic baskets in a box, at least 75-100 vendors for food, cannabis oil, frames, oh, less not forget a booth for Democrats and Republicans. This “fine art fair” was the most badly organized, filthiest bathrooms, no information from the volunteers, nor organizers that I have been to. Maybe because I was from another state, I just did not get it,but one things for sure, I would not recommend you waste your money.
They need to rename it “Farmers Market”

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