Miami’s Independent Thinkers

Miami’s Independent Thinkers

Pay for Play. This so called gallery is a complete scam. The front runner for the gallery is a lady named Kerry McLaney. She’s a local Miami resident who hosts an open call for artists every year for Scope Art Fair during Miami’s Art (Basel) Week. She collects all the entry fees of $50 each and then she just picks her close friends to exhibit. Every year she hosts an international call every Art Basel and takes advantage of many artists who do not know their work will not get picked as she collects the money.
Many of my own artist friends have had horrible experiences with her at a show years ago where she sold two of their artworks for the price of one because she was drunk during the exhibit. She refused to pay them for the second artwork sold. I know that she also has a space in Wywnood called Gallery 2612 and I don’t really know how she operates it but as far as the Art Basel/Scope Art fair call to international artists… stay away.

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  • Elena Wright

    I am so sorry this happened. I appreciate your warning others of this scam. My work is so far down in the possibility of being in a Miami gallery that applying wouldn’t enter my mind, but some of my acquaintances are at that level. Thank you for your honesty.

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