Contemporary Art Curator (Magazine)

Contemporary Art Curator (Magazine):

We also received an email from this website, stating they are a recognized entity in the art world. I didn’t find any third-party press on them, and when I searched for the staff (editor etc.), the searches didn’t come up with any references at all. The language in the email is also somewhat strange. They do have about 280.000 followers on Instagram, but that’s about it. They boast with huge visitor numbers, which I haven’t been able to corroborate on sites that measure website traffic. They offer three “options” for being featured, ranging from 160-300 USD/year. Has anyone signed with them and received any benefits from that (sales, exposure etc.)?

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    had nice experience working with contemporary art curator. there are lovely people working there, so helpful and respondful to all my questions and messages. they helped me with my career!! greetings from slovenia!

  • Anonymous

    I participated in the Artists Directory last year, and it helped me to grow ( I wasin the beginning of my art career) . I received interesting offers and met my first gallerist.
    And very good for me worked instagram posts, after posts on instagram, my works always get reposted to other blogs, that was lovely. I don’t mind to pay a small fee if it helps.

  • K

    I was listed in Artist Directory, the outcome for me was good. I get much more followers on social media ( instagram went from 560 to 15K in one year), was contacted many times by art organizations and get New York gallery representation, also sold few works. It was valuable for the fee ( membership fee ). I also agree with previous comment, famous websites and art magazines with a lot of followers will not promote your art free of charge, i made my research before.

  • Anne

    I payed them one time for promotions on Instagram and was quite satisfied with the results. Compare to other magazines they are relatively cheap, in the beginning I wanted to promote on Juxtapoz and HIFRUCTOSE, but they asked 1500 dollars for the post, it was too much for me. I noticed all magazines with a lot of followers charge for their services.
    I also received an invitation to be included in the book, but in the letter was written its fee based publication and fees… Scam would be if you pay them a fee, and later their disappear..

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe this company is legit at all. I contacted a couple of artists who’s works were posted on the website and none of them were even aware that their work was being used, they only knew of reposts from IG. Contemporary curator art magazine exploits artists for profit.

    I received an invitation to apply for an art book that they’re publishing. Once approved, they said payment had to be sent within two weeks in order to guarantee my spot and, this wasn’t a small sum ($850 and up). They even included bank account numbers in the email. This company is a scam for sure. Don’t trust it.

  • Anonymous

    I just received an email from them and I’m trying to verify anything other than their presence on Instagram and FB which are vastly different. Has there been any info found?

  • Anonymous

    Seems very similar to Aesthetica magazine sending out unsolicited emails to artists offering a spot in their artist directory for a fee going up to £95. Other options include a quarter page listing for an all time low of £295.

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