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Does anyone know anything about 1340Art Magazine. I was contacted by Carolyn Tate to enter some of my images in a competition to be included in the print version of the magazine. It says ‘small payment required’ but not what it is exactly. First contact was made through instagram. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had experience with them. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    It’s a scam don’t even bother. They have many accounts on IG for their fake “curators” and they will fish all and any artists that are willing to part with their cash!

  • Athena

    Well, I’ve been contacted by this guy, @134harry, they said, I quote, “Great picture! Are you interested in showing your creations on out 1340art page? For more information. Please check the link in our bio.”
    The “OUR bio” part is an old trick, making people believe they are dealing with a “big” and/or “real” organization. Or so I’ve read. They seemed to feature all sorts of museum like stuff. Paintings, statues, you name it. My drawing definitely did not fit. I’ve uploaded a link with the post. Plus, I’ve never heard of them, although I don’t dive into the ‘featuring works’ part of social media.
    My drawing isn’t consistent, I have other priorities and stuff, and I wondered what would happen afterwards. Welp, I dunno. I submitted a drawing of a wolf demon thingy, a black wolf with a white head. Then I got an email, this noreply mail signed with “Sharon Renkema”.
    I googled the name, it sounds dutch, I’m from the Netherlands, so I was curious. I ended up here, wondering what happens. I did sign the drawing, “Athena” in greek. It isn’t a well known signature. Heck, it was the first drawing I signed! xD
    I read all this. People aren’t happy, said it cost ‘$30’ to ‘$300’ for entry. But they didn’t say to me it cost anything. Free. Nothing. Nada. I have my doubts, but again, what do I have to lose? Credibility of a piece of paper with graphite. I don’t take it seriously. *heavy sigh* I’ll figure..

  • Sharmon Davidson

    I received the same message about the magazine competition, after submitting an image to their instagram. I filled out the form and paid the fee, but was not redirected to upload any images. I looked for a place to upload them, but couldn’t find any. I tried to email them through the contact form on their website at least 10 times, but it doesn’t work. “Failed to send your message. Please try again later or contact the administrator by another method.” What other method? Email addresses are ‘no-reply’. Also, their website says they’re located in Amsterdam, but their IP address is in Atlanta, Georgia. If you go to their You tube account, there is nothing on it.
    Later I found an email from them with a link to upload the images, but I’m not sure if I should do it now. On one of their instagram posts, there is a comment saying “Why are you guys selling my work without me knowing?”

    Any advice?

  • dc

    Here’s what I sent back to the 1340 Art Magazine Scammers:

    Hi! 1340,

    Thanks for your selection. You guys sure have an eye for quality, and I am sure you will agree that quality work is worth your investment!
    Fees for access to more of my work are $35.00 per image or $100.00 for four images if you would like to include my work in your magazine compeition.

    Just so we are clear, 1340 Art Magazine does NOT currently have any license whatsoever to print or in any other way publish any of my artwork without payment and written agreement.

    Thanks you guys!

  • Miguel

    An illustrator gets paid to publish his work. That is the basic premise of it being a job. Paying for the remote chance of publishing makes no sense at all.
    Someone has said it is normal to pay a small fee in competitions. Years ago that would be unthinkable but the world is becoming a strange place.
    In that case, a competition is expected to have a valuable prize, but PUBLISHING IS NOT A PRIZE for the illustrator, it is the purpose of the organizers for creating the contest, it is for their own benefit, not yours. Same in the case of a exhibit.

    This is an obnoxious scam. You never pay for publishing or exhibiting your work.

  • joey g

    I don’t think this is a scam necessarily, I think it is just their hustle. They make money by people submitting, and I do believe they publish what they say they’ll publish. They don’t promise anything, they just give people possibilities. That said, I’m not into paying for a possibility of this sort. I don’t think the return on investment is good. I don’t think it is a publication to get too excited about being featured in. I don’t recommend paying for your submission.

  • randomlittleworks

    Hey, everyone I was contacted by 1340 initially to submit some artwork for the Jan edition for a competition, I haven’t been asked to pay, don’t know what to make of it……

  • Nathalie

    Seriously that’s SCAM ! Be careful !

    Here is my response to 1340art :

    Dear Sharon,

    Thank you for your answer!

    I will not participate to this competition. Create a conteste like that and ask for 30$ for 4 image cause 1 don”t give the balanced for the jury … that’s ridiculous. Especially when that’s close to the price of your magasine. I can belive that you play with the artist who try to dedicated their life for their passion !
    In your proposition there is no jury, just a new wonderfull platform to give the desire to participate. The first time you contact me I read all the conditions on your website and that was clearly to make money on the back of the artistes, to fuck them !

    Clearly I don’t want to participate to your competition. Things I precise in my last mail.
    I don’t want news about you anymore ! I have clearly some stuffs more important to do like for exemple serious art fair in NYC who coast the same price. You know this kind of contest who respect the artist and don’t make contest just for money.

    Kind regards,

    Nathalie De Zan

  • Tiffany

    SCAM *** Stay away! I just posted to my story to warn my art friends of this magazine. They have a system of people or bots all around the world scamming artists who are starting out, they have tons, TONS of alibis and all different names, accounts, emails, they are one of the most successful scams around the world … report and block them and share with your Instagram art friends to protect them from this scam. They ask for a small enough fee so that people don’t suspect and don’t matter if it’s only $20-$30 ( $20 for 1 submission, $30 for 4) .. now wait a minute.. is this a warehouse SALE or what?! Are we now the customers ? Ok, but imagine thousands of artists paying that? Please share and let others know they just want your money. $$$ Sorry for those artists who fell for this, for future DM or comments from art pages on your IG please do your research, if they seem a tad bit desperate, wording in bad English, grammar problems, weird account names with numbers, no bio descriptions or little, etc please be cautious. These guys sent me an email just on dec 11 2018 to remind me to submit and that “ my art is of high quality and should submit it for this year’sJan 2019 issue… “ even though it has been two years since I ignored them! I’m so sad to see artists scammed by them every second, new artwork is posted daily and many of them talented but totally scammed. Sorry for using the “s” word so much. Have a good day y’all and be good now ! ♥️

    • René Bégin

      I have just been targeted with that offer and I paid for the 4 pictures inscription. Fortunately, I was able to cancel my payment on Paypal that was made yesterday. If you do so, contact right away your credit supplier or Paypal to make it cancelled. Thedge bv, the collecting firm for 1340art Magazine is already under inquiry by Paypal and risk to be totally banished by them eventually.

  • Melzma

    They won’t post your pictures on instagram, you will pay them a fee and them be entered in a ‘competition’ to appear on their website LICENSED FREE! Check out this video for details of the scam.

  • Z

    It’s a scam. And they started with the pesky emails again. Fishing for various sums, from 10$ to 40$, from whoever sends it to them. Stay clear!

  • Random Sketcher

    It’s all very informative . I think this is a reason I am not on Instagram. I just use Fb . My art page is Random Sketcher. I am a Live artist and feel the best way to promote something is turn up and meet people in person. Do Art get out there. Paint En plein air.

  • bizz

    so I got comment on my artwork on IG from stevenhillart, uploaded one work via 1340gallery.com website and then got an e-mail from info@1340art.com(which is official e-mail of the gallery, you can see on website) to submit more works.. the required payment for competition is normal and all magazines have it.. I just made a payment but now looking on these comments Im not so sure about uploading my works 🙁 don’t know what to think haha

  • Protect Yo Neck

    After sending them a mail expressing my suspicious feelings about their practices, I found this forum. They just mailed me again stating how I only had a few days left to submit, so I replied:

    I sent you a message via your website in response to your mail, in short after looking at your online sales gallery (and the low quality of photography being offered to prospective buyers) I have no interest in being featured in your limited readership online magazine, which is probably mostly subscribed to by other artists who wanted to see the work that they paid for the privilege of being featured.

    I have gallery representation and sales in London, Toronto and San Francisco and feature in two professionally ran and curated online art sales sites. Why on earth would I pay you to possibly get featured on an online zine? Any artist would be better served by using that money instead to enter an official, PROFESSIONALLY CURATED international art/photography competition with all the potential exposure that brings.

    I find many things troubling about your strategy, the dozens of Instagram accounts from so called ‘curators’ the;
    “we want your work!” first email followed by “but you have to pay us for a feature”
    I sincerely hope you are giving the curation fee to your listed charities, I will be emailing a few of them.
    Your name is mud on the online forums, but you know this already as their is a constant stream of replies to people who feel they’ve been taken advantage of…

    I would rather pay commission to a gallery or a truly curated art website that actually sells art than surround my art with amateurish examples of aspiring artists! Your online gallery is 1600 pages of mediocre uninspiring, badly exposed and processed ‘photography’

    Do not attempt to contact me again.

  • Nakia

    The payment is for an LA safe place for children 4-18 to do arts and crafts and be in a safe community of other children who suffer at school or home or in work places with abuse, neglect or harassment etc.

    I was contacted for the competition because I’m an artist on IG. However I am unable to pay to enter my art it still was nice to know I was selected and was asked if I was the artist behind my postings. I have been an artist for 15 years and to find a sketchy “magazine” was odd but I did my research and found them to be legit. The money you spend to put your art in goes directly to the LA ART to help needy children. I’m a mother and my daughter loves art and if there was something like this in my state I’d be supporting it.

  • Anonymous

    Here is what I just sent them via their contact us section on their official site;

    R.e. my submission

    After checking your photography sales gallery I am mailing you to express my doubts in the service you are soliciting to so many artists and photographers. I am not a novice photographer and would not choose to exhibit my works alongside such inferior quality images. The quality of your so called ‘curation’ is highly suspect as is the price range of the amateurish works in your photo sales gallery.

    After reading the following;
    “Submission of the material; Please contact us if you wish your images and/ or text not be used in our marketing and promotional activities”

    I wish to state clearly that in no way do I wish my submitted image to feature anywhere on your social media, gallery, promotional materials or anywhere else, you do not have my permission.

  • Anonymous

    Very suspicious…

    Contacted in the same way as all of you, no fees mentioned until my submitted image had been received. I see no point in paying to possibly have my work featured in an online only magazine with such a small readership…

    After scanning through the photography featured on their site I can only come to the conclusion that this is a scam, the quality of the photography for sale is not up to standard, these people are preying on new artists and novice photographers, I would not want any of my works displayed along side any of the sub standard pieces they have ‘curated’ and chosen to feature.

    A quick 1340 search on insta reveals dozens of ‘curators’ and other names with almost identical posts as each other. Next time I’m in Amsterdam I’m going to pay them a visit…

    More worrying is this passage from their website;

    Submission of the material

    “By submitting images and text to us, you grant 1340Gallery the royalty-free right and license, to use your jpg images and supporting text, to reproduce, modify, edit, adapt, publish, distribute and display such material (in whole, or part) worldwide and/or to incorporate it in other forms, media, or technology now known, or later developed for marketing and promotion purposes. You also acknowledge that 1340Gallery is not obliged to publish any material submitted by you on any 1340Gallery publication. N.B. Please contact us if you wish your images and/ or text not be used in our marketing and promotional activities. We advise that you never reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else (telephone number, home address, business address, delivery address or email address or any other details that would allow you to be personally identified). In certain circumstances 1340Gallery may also share your contribution with trusted third parties.”

    After reading that I am writing to them today to tell them to refrain from using my 1 submitted image for any purpose.

  • Johan P. Jonsson

    I too was contacted, but having been doing this for several years now I long ago decided to never pay for online presence. Even if it’s legit it never pays off, it’s just not worth it. Try contacting real galleries instead. Good luck to all of you!

  • Emese Pisák

    Hi! I’m just a young artist, and I connected with this site to feature my work online, but now I am scared because they have two of my works and I don’t know what to do… Please if someone could help I’d appreciated it, just how to write an email or something, I’m just learning the language…
    Thanks if you help…

  • Emese

    Hi! I’m just a young artist. I connected with this website to feature my artwork online, but now I am scared, cause they have two of my works, and I don’t know what to do… please someone who familiar in these will help me out? Just how to write an email or something, I’m just learning the language…
    Thank you if you’ll help

  • Ann Wijns

    Hi same story here Lisa Harris wrote me an email, first I felt o wow the after reading the email again my guts told me…that’s weird. Did some research and toke my hands off it.

  • Amy Nester-Zambreny

    I’ve had an art page up on Instagram for about 2 months. Received a like from a curator then the nest day an invitation to submit for final selection for October 2018 issue. Yesterday I received an email asking for more samples. I haven’t clicked the link yet but it says free. I’m not going to pay anything. It is a legitimate magazine. I’ll never forget their logo and the layout of the first few pages. I’ve seen this before somewhere. Maybe a doctor’s office. The magazine publishes out of the Netherworlds and says it’s an international art magazine. Has anyone from Instagram ever been featured in this magazine? Please respond if you have.

  • Anonymous

    Websites like this basically take your art and sell prints of it and THEY make a bunch of money. You are essentially paying THEM to use your work, which they are.making loads from! Not worth it! I know it sounds good for new or artists looking for exposure but in the long run…you lose out. In reality, they should be paying you for the use of toyr work and any prints etc they make and sell.

  • Opaque Motives

    I had the same message sent to my Instagram too, I love the “formal” letter they sent me;

    Hi Opaque,

    I was just reviewing the Instagram submission you did recently. Based on the quality of your artwork I would like to invite you to enter our magazine competition!

    This means you will be entered into the next and final selection-round of our competition to be featured in the printed version of the July 2018 edition of the magazine. You can view our last 4 editions by clicking here.

    Please send me more samples of your work as soon as possible using the form in the link below.


  • Junk Drawings

    Guys I am also on the same boat. I think Lisa is quite hardworking or probably the only staff of 1340ART as she is the only one responding. I am not submitting my drawings, the deadline is June 25 2018 for me. There are other valid sources out on internet , I haven’t made it on anyone yet but I am confident enough not to be a victim.

  • Telma

    1340 gallery is a scam. It’s simply a way to cash out artists looking for some visibility. I paid and nothing works. They make you pay by wrapping yourself in various levels of competition or endings that are approaching.
    Not worth it. They are mobsters to take advantage of new artists.

  • Camille Brisson

    Hello artists!
    Just to make sure in case the 294929502 previous comments didn’t convince you: I’m contacted almost monthly by a CuratorName1340 . Always same copy paste messages, some more insistent. When you reach the email step, notice they ask for more picture with no tag, copyright, straight, etc. So I think, even if they redound you, they are probably also hunting for art to sell to madeInChina serial reproduction shop for aliexpress and such.

  • Anonymous

    I recived message from them too.
    I’m not professional.
    They choose me finalist but I submit my images 1week ago. How could they selected my art work to be finalist?
    I spent a lot of hour to create my art work but they want me to pay for $30 to competition. and It’s non- refundable.. They are going to take my hours, ideas and money…no way..

  • AddKim

    Just received 3 comments in two of my instagram accounts and in one of the I’m trying to feature my friends art.
    Is scam, straight away without thinking about it. Why should they contact randomly another group account?
    And also the submit button in their site looks kinda fake, very similia to usual adware. I may be wrong in this but still be careful.


      I never, and I mean never, will pay anyone to feature or show my work. Artists have their insecurities and are vulnerable to this kind of treatment. I’m happy to share a commission or fee with someone that places my work and sells it. But, I repeat, I will never give any gallery, consultant or publication money up front. Think about it.

  • Jane

    Hi, so glad I found this! I was also contacted by a curator called Lisa and also became suspicious when I saw the “$20 for 1 art submitted and “$30 for 4 art submitted”. Relieved I didnt submit anything!! Be very careful out there everyone.

  • Anonymous

    well even i was approached by them but thought to do my research before paying and now i am glad i did not pay! I was contacted by someone going by Lisa Harris.

  • Anonymous

    I was contacted too.. except.. it was free? Free submissions to be posted on their Instagram page. I’ve already entered my art after checking out their website and YouTube. It looked rather legit, though now I’ve been reading all these stories and I’m thinking less so. I haven’t paid any money, and there are literally hundreds of Instagram users with the numbers “1340” in front of a name. They all have about the same thing. The actual 1340art page features real artists. I’m just confused. And if I was tricked, what do I do now?

  • Jane

    From all over the world they deceive people…
    Art people so naive…
    This is the second time I receive such kind of offer…
    It’s a fake definitely…

  • Cake

    Hey y´all,
    They came also to me, i´m for just 2 days on instagramm, shared 3 drawings ther (to boost moral and get some feedback) and ya look at that, i´m so good i can be feature my art at the magazin how nice of them :D.
    I think this sounds realy legit, 2 days on, 3 small drawings (more like sketches) and they love it already. I should join them right now.

    Jokes aside i don´t think they are legit, after reading all the comments here i was asured what i think when i first saw that comment on my pic, it´s /could be a scam, so i just declined the offer politely and plan to ignore them in the future.

    Ya shouldn’t send people something when they comment on ya profile (unless it´s a commission wher they would pay ya for ya work)

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