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I believe “Specto Art Space” holds “call for entry” events and never has actual exhibitions. I applied for a show and didn’t get in, which is okay… BUT they have yet to announce show dates, winners of their call for entries, or any updated information on their website. A friend of mine in the area says the gallery doesn’t exist, or in their defense, may just not be up and running yet. I have contacted a couple places that list their calls to make them aware of the situation. The owner is responsive to e-mail, but it is incredibly fishy to me that nothing has been listed anywhere. Once artists are notified, there should be a notification of who is exhibiting and when. The show dates and deadlines are continuously pushed back – something isn’t adding up here. They claim to print, frame and mount your images, and that they give away tons of prizes.

Website: https://spectoartspace.com/

  • Jess

    IT’S A SCAM! Don’t waste your time. I booked a flight and FLEW OVER 700 MILES with family just to attend an exhibition and gallery that DOESN’T EXIST. I was accepted to be part of Specto Art Space’s portraiture exhibition. I went to the address provided on the flier and it led us to an empty space. No opening or art anywhere in site. I asked other galleries in the area and they said it never opened. The nonexistent gallery is ran by Jeremiah Morris, and he needs to take responsibility for this. He is creating fake call for entries, taking artists’ money and art files for a gallery that doesn’t exist, which is considered fraud and theft. If the show was cancelled any legitimate gallery would notify the artists. Please spread the word about their scam! Take my learning lesson and never trust any place that doesn’t have a clear contact number or reputation.

    • Jeremiah Morris

      Hey Jess,

      I’m really sorry for our gallery closing effecting you in this way. The show you are a part of became an online artsy exclusive exhibition after we were forced to close our physical space due to lack of interest in our studio spaces. The gallery structure depended on the studio spaces to survive. We didn’t have the support from the community we had hoped. The gallery space was open August and September of this year, but I was forced to make the decision to close literally this week, October 1st. It was close the space or go bankrupt. I sought every funding avenue available, but ultimately came up short. Artists were notified via email so I sincerely apologize for the breakdown in communication to you.

      We’re in the process of switching all information over, but with a small team its taking time. Specto has been an arduous journey and one I’ve put quite a lot of my own finances and countless hours into in the hopes of bringing more art opportunity to artists and art lovers. I’m extremely proud of the exhibitions I’ve put forth, even though it’s been a tough process.

      I’m always available by email at spectoartspace@gmail.com.

      Jeremiah Morris

    • Jason

      Jess, do chargebacks on your cards immediately. Take screenshots of everything and everything, including the owners response on this website. Save all emails and submit everything to your bank for a chargeback. Reach out to all other artists in the “show” and see if they were notified like he’s claiming, and if so, find the date and when. Gather evidence.

      This falls on the irresponsible owner. Jeremiah, these are embarrassing practices. You need to do better. This is not the first time you have been called out.

  • Michael Pointer

    Is this a real functioning gallery or someone running contests and collecting money without regard for the artist?
    I have a piece that was accepted for their Self Portrait exhibit and when I went to the site to upload my print file there were no file size requirements other than 300 dpi. When I looked at the address on google maps street view it shows the gallery on the corner of a spindly street in a small rundown town. They have been unresponsive to emails and messages.

  • Steve

    I recently had a piece selected for a group show but I have hesitations. When I have emailed, I have received quick replies. My concerns: 1/ they are moving and yet to have a new space yet the “show” is 3 weeks away. 2/ they don’t sell work directly??? If its not for sale and they don’t encourage the sale of work, why should an artist be involved with them. 3/ they will print from my digital file that I send them and will “destroy the print afterwards”. 4/ There is no address or phone number 5/ Website says they are moving soon.

    Things aren’t adding up and I think I will pass on this “opportunity” as I am not sure it’s worth all the effort and then subsequent worrying that my file is out there with someone that can make unlimited prints and I would never know about it.

    Specto Art Space: 1st reply to my initial questions:

    At Specto we print all works exhibited. We’ve found taking away this burden of cost and risk in shipping is a beneficial thing that allows us to show more artists from more places.

    When finalizing your acceptance you’ll upload your file which we create an exhibition print of. This print is not for sale. At the close of the exhibition it is placed in our archive, or it is destroyed, that is up to you.

    For artists selling one of a kind works or limited edition prints, we arrange for shipping directly from artist to buyer.

    A 2 nd reply from Specto Art Space to a followup email as my questions started adding up:

    Exhibition prints remain on the wall for the duration of the show, then are included in our archive for collectors and curators to peruse moving forward. For sales we offer printing services for artists whose work falls within our limitations. Otherwise we arrange the sale of the work, arrange shipping from you to the buyer, and then remit payment to you upon completion of sale.

    We are currently negotiating leases between two spaces, we hope to be at 91 N. Main Street, Harrisonburg VA. We will have a definite address available in the next few weeks, as soon as we finalize a lease agreement. The backup space is also available in downtown Harrisonburg, and would be our second option.

    We ask that you provide your files as soon as you can. If you need to you can fill out the form again with the proper file.

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