Art & Sol Studios

A reader sent in the following;

Art & Sol Studios
310 NW 25TH St
Miami, FL 33127
Put out an international call for art last year with a deadline of October 14, 2016. It’s title: “Art Basel 2016” a three day event, December 1-31, 2016 in their Wynwood Miami studio to “exhibit during the hottest week in Miami” Art Basel Miami 2016. With a full color catalog to be published of entries submitted to this competition, awards and gift cards.
I paid the 42.80 submission fee, 4 stone sculptures were accepted and 2 sculptures as backup incase of sales, a total of 6 stone sculptures to be delivered and set up for the exhibition. I had been emailing and calling Christine with questions and concerns (I was getting very little communication) which began to leave me sceptical. Art drop off on November 28th, was a 5 hour drive to deliver my packed stone sculptures. I arrived to pay by the hour parking street side (not near the studio). I went into the studio to find a small so-called art studio with erotic/bondage art on the walls, a messy, dirty, unorganized street side party house.
There were no pedestals for heavy stone sculpture nor any space to place them.
When I confronted her about not having pedestals or space to exhibit my heavy stone sculptures… Christine said; I bought some pedestals and they’re waiting to be picked up at the post office. I asked for the slip, I would go pick them up, she said they’re being delivered, ” Just leave your stone sculptures on the floor and we’ll take care of setting them up. I asked about a contract to sign off my art, she didn’t have one.
I refused to leave my artwork. I had to stay in a hotel because of another 5 hour return trip back home. I never heard from her or Salim (who knew nothing about anything when asked)

Juror: Christine Madison; B.A. in Business & Visual Arts: Purdue University, Owner/Curator of Art & Sol Studios.
An artist herself and originally from Sanford, Florida. Set up shop in Miami.
Another Juror; Salim Cortes; B.A. in Visual Arts Columbus College of Art & Design.


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