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Do NOT work with Joseph Latimore of Gallery Sensei, now based on 135 Eldridge Street.

He owes me 3K, he owes a friend 9K, he owes people in London 30K and the list goes on and on.

He has made a business of hustling artists, curators and anyone trusting enough to give him opportunities and/or work for him.
On top of that, his gallery is a pay to play.

  • Anonymous

    This is very true I worked for Joseph in London in 2016 and quit with him owing me and everyone else a lot of money. Damaged and stole artwork, didn’t pay any staff. Made many untrue claims regarding his visa and connections. I even visited his gallery in New York whilst there to see if there was any legitimacy to him and it appears not. Uses everyone anyway he can.

  • Félicie

    He owns me about £2,000. He won’t return works that belong to artists from Israel, UK, France and the USA.

    We filled a complaint against him in London. There are around five of us involved.

    I am seriously thinking about getting a solicitor to help me sort things out.

    I don’t know who’s posting positive comments, but that is a joke to read that he is reliable and trustworthy:

    • anonymous

      Hi, the gallery recently had a lawyer contact me to take these posts down, do you want to mention your name so he can have the opportunity to reply and possibly return your work? The more evidence here, the better, if possible.

  • Anonymous

    Joseph is definitely is a fraudster and used the name ‘ZDZISLAW V’ to pretend to be his ‘lawyer’ a few years ago whilst I was chasing money from him too. Quite funny his ‘lawyer’ is commenting on posts and using swearing. He owes several people I know thousands of pounds. Total scammer.

    Hi Joseph.

  • Katie Heffelfinger

    Uh it’s not fraudulent. So sorry.
    Don’t do business with Joe. He has $10k of Mine and no plans to make good on what he owes me.

    I can prove it to anyone. I’d love any artists who feel this way to band together.

    And for those doing ok with him for now when the going gets tough he will sacrifice your art and money, just give it time. Being cocky about it now and thinking “it’s happening to others but not me” it’s garbage. It’s a pattern.

    Just ask all the Sensei artists who’s work is in my storage. (I’d love to get it back to you btw contact me if you had work at Sensei satellite artbasel Miami 2016)

    He’s a problem. Keep chasing.

  • Anonymous

    I can only echo the comments in the original post. Do not work with Joseph Latimore. He will not settle his debts and if you’re an artist will likely screw you over. As has already been pointed out the response from ZDZISLAW V is Joseph himself. There is an interesting piece on Scambook concerning Joseph (Joe) – worth a read.

    • Anonymous

      I was extremely interested to find this forum and can only echo the comments of the original post – avoid doing any business with Joseph Latimore at all costs. He will screw you over if he gets the chance. He currently owes us $8k. As has already been pointed out the response from ZDZISLAW V is Joseph himself. Whilst we do not expect to receive the cash owed we are in the process of contacting all artists / associations we know have connections with Joseph warning them to tread carefully. There is also an interesting post on Scambook about Joseph (Joe) – well worth a read.

  • Zdzislaw V

    Sensei is NOT a pay for play gallery. I have exhibited with this gallery four times over the past 10 YEARS and have never been asked to pay to show my work. Moreover, several of my friends have exhibited with Joseph’s gallery and they have NEVER been asked to pay. Whoever posted that crap is full of shit and obviously trying to smear the gallery’s name… Don’t believe the hype – a gallery doesn’t stick around for 11 YEARS by screwing people over. Sensei is awesome!

    Kapłani zawsze będą nienawidzić

  • Chu Wei

    This is a fraudulent posting – I have worked with this gallery for six years and the operator has been nothing but professional. This appears to be a spiteful posting by a competitor or frustrated artist.

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