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Artlimes – a website – they claim they only take a 3.5 commission, and you get to upload 5 artworks for free for review, but the second menu when signing up is asking for your banking information and routing number to your account. WTF? They say they are based in London, but only have one or two likes on their Facebook page posts.

  • Pete

    I’ve been following progress on Artlimes for a while now, and honestly if you compare it to other sites out there, it is by far the most good looking and functional site. Their help section is very transparent, it says:

    What does Artlimes charge?

    For Originals, Artlimes takes a flat 3.5% seller fee.

    For Editions, you choose your revenue on top of production costs and Artlimes adds 40% on top.

    Transaction costs for processing payments are 3% globally.

    A currency conversion fee of 2.5% is applied, when an order is placed in a different currency than the seller’s.

    The 3.5% is only on originals, and they do certified prints as well, so to me it really doesn’t look like a scam, and only makes sense to give banking details to get paid, same thing you do on other platforms like Amazon and Etsy.

    If you read in their about section as well, their CEO is clearly an artist as well. I think that when you put a face on a platform like this, it is far easier to trust. All you have to do is look at their profiles and it starts making sense.

    So far I’m happy with them and honestly they have great support all the way. So to me the comments I read below are far more personal than professional, if the site you went to went bust, then you should consider a better one, and for me Artlimes looks far more professional that any other art website out there.

    I also poked around the see what else they do and they run a digital agency that helps them keep this platform alive for artists like us. Here it is:

    I’d say some people should really do their homework before misguiding us all here. I don’t make much as an artist, and can’t wait on when to sell a painting with 40% commission or when a gallery will do a show. I need variety, and these guys have it.

    I I think my findings are far more trustworthy what I read here.

  • Sula maye

    Someone on another site where this is being questioned discovered this:

    I poked around a little more. Artlimes is associated with various other companies that are involved in digital currency speculation. The platform they are using comes out of that world. This is not the first time a digital currency group decided they could make money off artists.

    The 3.5% fee is deceptive. In addition, there is a 3% transaction fee and a 2.5% global currency fee (and since prices are listed in pounds, there will always be a currency fee outside of the UK). This means your real fee is 10%.

    They don’t start the payment process to you until the work is delivered. It takes 1-5 business days after proof of delivery.

    You give them the right to make prints of your works. This fits with their request that you upload high definition images. Notice Etsy, for instance, does not request any such thing.

    I find the site slow to load due to the platform.

    Hmm not all they seem are they.

  • Sula maye

    You have to remember the old adage if it looks too good to be true it probably is! HOw does an art sellers make a profit on 3.5% of sales?? Plus saying they pay the postage? That’s more than the percentage they would get on the sale of one of my items and how do they pay it? Yeah I give out my bank details when it’s someone I have approached or has a real shop and a reputation. Getting some email unsolicited where they want my bank details and they are saying crazy percentages like 3.5% is very dubious and if you don’t think so and get your fingers burnt then you only have yourself to blame. I was signed up with seek and adore a very professional online art website, the percentage was far higher but sadly they went bust because yet hey could not get the sales so to me this is too good to be true. Let them pay you once they’ve sold something!

  • Anonymous

    I also received an email from them! After I spoke to them and read the terms it looks really decent, other art platforms take a crazy commission and don’t look as good anyway. They have multiple currencies that others don’t and also do promotion for us. So far so good, I’m happy with what I saw.

  • George Antoni

    How is this a scam. Please explain if you think it is. They need to have an account to pay your earnings into when work is sold. The alternative I suppose is to send you a cheque, but isn’t that a hassle and time consuming?

  • Pete

    I was looking for art sites and came across this. Seems artlimes is doing limited edition prints of originals on top of artworks and yeah agreed these guys are definitely on a mission to make art available to everyone. Site looks great btw and they seem to sell too..

  • Anonymous

    Looks like listings artworks is completely free. Surely putting your banking info is to get paid into your bank account. As for the 3.5% commission, it’s by far the lowest you can find online and the site looks really cool and easy to use!

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