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Please list Heaven Art Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. They are a new brick and mortar gallery that just opened. They display the submitted art on large monitors in their gallery to customers.They started a contest and exhibition, but have no standards for judging – they welcome ALL art submissions so they can display it and sell prints. It is a vanity art gallery that charges the artist $10/month per image to be displayed. I had an email exchange with one of the owners to get more information, since there is little information on their website http://www.heavenartgalleryusa.com/

They started a contest and exhibition to get artists to submit their work for a $10 fee. I entered the contest in May and won first place in Portraits, but the only “prize” was to be included in a one month “exhibition” with all of the other submitted works for “free”. In other words, it’s a vanity gallery that you have to pay $10/month to display each image per month. They do no promotion of any artist, and all of the work is lumped together regardless of media – art, photography, sculpture, etc. Some of the accepted works are clearly amateurish, but there was no judging criteria for the contest. The artist gets a commission for each print sold. The gallery only does prints, so if a customer actually wants to buy the original piece the gallery gives them the artist’s contact information. There is no contract agreement for the gallery to represent your work – only the online agreement when you upload images.

  • Rudolf volkmann

    July 29, 2017

    The concept is intriguing, but the execution needs fine tuning.
    When I visited the gallery, I was appalled at the physical look of the gallery–lots of screens, but cheap chairs and the place looked like a second rate store ready to fold. If you like to appeal to serious art lovers you need to improve the ambiance of the viewing experience-bright colored walls, nice flooring, glamorous seating arrangements and maybe cookies and coffee. In short you need to look as glamorous as the other regular art galleries in this area.

  • Randy Anagnostis

    Some helpful comments regarding Heaven Art Gallery and some clarification to comments posted . . .
    – Heaven Art Gallery is not a ‘vanity’ gallery. It is a 1,720 square foot gallery located at 7113 E. Main St — on the most prestigious block of the Scottsdale Art District, AZ. We currently are representing more than 220 artists from around the world, both novice and internationally acclaimed artists in all media.
    – We do sell prints on behalf of the artists, but our focus is on providing an excellent venue in which artists can have their work on exhibit in a new, digital display format compared with a traditional art gallery.
    – Artists do get a 60 percent commission on prints sold. Our prices range from $95 for an 8×10 to $235 for a 17×22. Prices are slightly higher printed on canvas. The artist earns from $57 to $141 per print sold — a reasonable return when it only cost $10 to have an image exhibited for an entire month.
    -Our recent monthly contest winners received an extra month on exhibit, but not “lumped in” with all other artists. They are prominently displayed on a separate screen as “Showcase Winners” which only include the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and 10 Honorable Mentions in each category. Each artist is exhibited approximately every 10 minutes, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, for the entire month (and extra month). Would an artist really complain about this kind of exposure for $10? Not to mention, all of the work simultaneously appears every day on our website which garners huge traffic every day. We are happy to provide that kind of exposure to artists who are local, national and international in every art media.
    – If a visitor wants to purchase the artist’s original work, we simply provide them with the contact information to the artist. We do not even ask for a commission.
    – Every artist who submits to Heaven Art Gallery is getting the benefit of having their work promoted daily — in our gallery, on our website, in every marketing and promotional program undertaken by the gallery, promoted during our special events, referenced in press releases, magazine articles, posters, brochures and so much more. Can anyone really have an issue with this?
    – It was discouraging to read such negative comments from a First Place winner in our last contest who currently has her award prominently announced on her very own website Home Page. I guess she is not ashamed to be on special exhibit in a ‘vanity gallery’!
    – Heaven Art Gallery welcomes artists who are seeking an alternative to dealing with traditional art galleries and twho would like to be part of an innovative and progressive art venue. Please visit our website (www.heavenartgalleryusa.com) for factual information and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. With more than 842 digital artwork images on exhibit in just four weeks, we believe our concept presents an exceptional opportunity for all artists. If you’re curious, check out our latest YouTube video: https://youtu.be/2JVVws5NLIE

  • Anonymous

    I, too, submitted images to this Opening show. They bill themselves as a digital gallery. One of my images was awarded an Honorable Mention. No certificate or money given; just an additional month of showing my work as the prize, which was fine with me. Then the owners decided that everyone who submitted had an additional month. They had a vague pricing schedule for printing the work: one size, one price.
    The benefit: I don’t have to haul paintings back and forth; they can’t steal my originals, but they do have access to my digital images forever, it would seem. They gave a verbal and written promise on their website not to sell them beyond what they stated.

    For now I am going on faith that this new concept of a gallery is legit.

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