Vogue magazine

Vogue magazine in the U.K. contacted me saying they wanted to feature my paintings in an interior design pull out. Of course I was delighted until I found out they were actually trying to sell me a small tacky advertising spot.

  • Anonymous

    Just for curiosity: How much does an ad like this in Vogue cost? I have heard from several artists about their experiences with similar magazines. For example, House&Garden asks for approx. £1000 for an advertisement in three issues. The ads are really small and are next to dozens of others.

    Ads like these don’t help sell more art, so you’re not getting your money’s worth. The art “featured” in these magazines is mostly pretty poor, amateurish scribble.

    Tattler and Vanity Fair also offer similar ads. Save your money and invest it in something more useful.

  • Anonymous

    I also got emails from Vogue UK. Entered into long email correspondence but before I paid, I messaged an artist that was in previous editions, and she replied saying she had published with them a few times, and it AD. I finally declined as I didn’t like the quality of the images and it seemed like a $240 vanity project.

  • Maypole

    Anyone who asks for money for this or that regarding Art representation should be avoided like the plauge .
    Move away from the dangers quickly…
    Otherwise your be in for losing big or small.

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