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Galería Gaudí in Madrid -they offered to exhibit 5 works in Singapore for €1,400 with 40% commission. Work was to be exhibited in a hotel, (which I hear is fairly common in Singapore) but unlikely to attract uninvited guests

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    PLEASE! Admin of this website. I am trying to get hold of you. That is me attempting to reach you through WHOIS contact registrant. I need a comment removed.

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    So far so good,

    I’m a young artist and currently working with few different galleries. I have to say that Gaudî gallery is so far the one I like the most.

    The team is amazing, always available to assist me and always highly professional. Their gallery in Madrid is beautiful. I’ve participated to 2 in house exhibitions and one art fair so far and just signed up for the 4th exhibition. they managed to sell few pieces and gave me a great exposure.
    I’m hoping for a long lasting relationship with them.

    • Anonymous

      How much did you sell your art at the Galería Gaudí exhibition? If selling art is not important to you, art is just a hobby for you.
      The oldest negative reviews of Gallery Gaudi can be found as early as 2008. It is already clear from them that it is a pay to play Vanity Gallery, which has no real benefit for artists. It’s a money making machine, but not for the artists. If Galleria Gaudi would make money for artists or even give them boost in the real art world, we would know it already. Galleria Gaudi wouldn’t keep quiet about their sales figures and connections to well known and respected galleries and collectors.
      One of their tricks is to ask artists for positive reviews in an attempt to refute negative ones, to fool ignorant artists. No respected and reliable gallery needs to do that.

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    Good afternoon Colleagues, for example, I have been working with the Gaudi Gallery for several years, these are perhaps my most beloved and loyal European partners, we ideally worked out an exhibition in Paris at Art3F and exhibitions in the gallery itself, all photos and videos were timely mentioned on Instagram, upon request we provided a certificate of participation , for any of my requests (photo video recommendations), including urgent ones, I needed a letter for one museum, everything was quickly organized, I needed help moving works from another gallery, my curator Elena is always in touch very very quickly respond and come to help in everything. For example, they write to me 1000 galleries, including those from Spain, and with some I have the same experience. But I am seriously thinking about entrusting Gaudí’s exclusive gallery on some European issues, I am glad that we got to know each other and will continue to work together. I am not ashamed to mention Gaudí in the press as my European reliable partners.
    Kind Regards
    Nina Rassen

    • Anonymous

      Yes, we can see from your resume that you have participated mostly in the exhibitions of Pay to Play Galleries. How much have you sold art after paying for these exhibitions and fairs? How many euros have you gotten back for every euro you spent? Present reliable evidence for example on Instagram.

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    Warning! Thieves! I had an exhibition in this gallery. Afterwards I wanted to order my works back. But the gallery wanted to keep my works for a while. So the works stayed in the gallery. Because I haven’t heard from them for a long time, I contacted the gallery. I have asked them to pack the paintings and let me know the weight and size of the package so I can use a carrier. The gallery wrote me that the package can be picked up, but they did not send me the package data. Not even when I asked again!!! And that was a very perfidious move. A few days later you informed me that the pictures had become property of the gallery because I had not picked them up on time!!!. I noticed that my last two e-mails had been deleted by them in the e-mail history. Luckily I have the full email conversation and have already hired an international law firm. I’m not going to give these gangsters my 12 works.

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      I’m so glad I looked them up. I got a instagram message from them and I’m always suspicious so I knew I had to Google it. Thanks everyone for the honest reviews saving me both time and money! Seems like they are truly evil. They apparently don’t know how hard artists work and how much love and passion we put in to our paintings. My heart goes out to all of u who been affected by this scam!

  • Anonymous

    This Gallery is literally a joke!

    I could Name at least ten things that they do wrong and why they acutely shouldn’t exist.

    But how about this one: they send people who don’t speak English to international art fairs!!

    Like how? There’s one thing they will need for sure and this talk to the customers.. this guy couldn’t speak 5 worlds English. Unbelievable!

    There’s way more than this sadly.. and they trick young artist who feel picked out but in the end the artist is just paying for the stall at the fair.

    Also they display art that looks like wall tattoos from ikea.. so pretty much anyone who pays their fee can show his art.

    What a weird business..


    I’m an artist and I’ve collaborated with the Galería Gaudí since 10 years now and I must say I highly respect and appreciate the work that they do.

    It’s an amazing and professional team, they always attempt to help the artists they represent, they’re honest and they work hard to achieve good results for their artists.

    During all this years, they’ve brought me to several Fairs in different countries searching for important Art Markets. There, they’ve done their job amazingly, the booths are impeccable, the treatment they give to clients, collectors and artists is correct and I’ve never heard anything negative from other artists regarding that subject.

    It’s a hard working team, always keeping in mind my interests and wellbeing. They keep in touch and always communicate to me news about my work.

    It’s a shame that there’s people out there, talking from a place of absolute misinformation and without having any actual knowledge, that are willing to ruin the reputation of a Gallery that’s struggled year after year to get the status it has now. Just because you have a hunch, you’re ruining their credibility. With this kind of uninformed comments you’re just spoiling all the achievements that they’ve managed to sustain throughout the years.

    Everybody get affected by comments online, surely you’ve gotten unfair messages too and you know how hurtful they can be. But anyways, we all know that the internet is suited perfectly to make comments without having actual facts on the matter and to share fake news. At the end, the physical reality is more powerful than the digital one, and truth always triumphs. This kind of gossip is worth nothing compared to facts.

    I personally am very happy and grateful to be represented by them, they’ve never let me down.

    • anonymous

      This comment was posted FOUR times. It may be genuine, but I honestly dont know, it was posted with an email, and then twice anonymously, I am working to verify it, but it sounds like a good friend of the gallerist. Comments are not Fake News, unless you are the gallerist, so take this comment with caution.

    • Anonymous

      I have worked for Galeria Gaudi. I will sum it up this way: SCAM.
      The workers there have absolutely no art formation whatsover. The only thing you are asked is to spend your days looking for artists willing to pay-
      For the international fairs, the gallery will always bring more artists than permited (but does not communicate it to the organization, that’s why many painters do not appear in the art fair catalogue).
      If the artist will be coming to the fair, then his art is up, otherwise sometimes it does not even make it out of the truck.
      The only important thing for the gallery is that the fair is paid by the artists. If something is sold, it’s good, but the whole trip, exhibition, etc, is paid by the artits’s fees.
      If you are an artist and have been contactd by Galeria Gaudi, be cautious and DO NOT participate.

  • Anonymous

    I received an email from them recently expressing interest in showing my work at Discovery Art Fair Cologne, but of course at a cost – €900 of 3 artworks, €1200 for 5.
    On top of these costs the “gallery” take a 40% cut of any sales! Apparently the upfront costs are to cover the booth rental, marketing and shipping – however this is highly unusual and irregular behaviour for a gallery.

    The art fairs they participate in are at the lowest end of the market and so their participation costs can be found easily online.. For instance a 10 square meter booth at Discovery Art Fair Cologne will cost the gallery a total of €2375, and 20 square meters costs €4565 total. With these figures in mind it’s easy to see that the gallery can very easily manage to break even or be in profit before they even arrive at the fair!

    They also send mass emails, to hundreds of artists, and there is no information about which artists participated at which fair and no documentation of their activities – so it seems likely they don’t bring all works sent (and paid for) to the fairs. A normal gallery business model is that they take a 50% cut of sales – but they cover all of their costs (art fair rental, marketing, shipping, staff, etc). This incentivises the gallery to sell(!) but also look after their artists. This arrangement makes sense when you consider the artist will likely have their own costs (studio, materials, etc). Accept nothing less than this.

    This is a predatory scam – Their business model is not primarily based on selling artworks, like a legitimate gallery with a genuine interest in the work they exhibit, but indiscriminately selling booth space and the promise of sales/exposure to artists!

  • Carolina Beyer

    Hi, I have participated in varios occasions with the galeri gaudi from Madrid and I honestly like to work with them. They are very profesional and treat you very well. I was always very satisfied with the way they presented my art work. It’s not true that they just take a photo to send it to you and then change the exhibition. I have been in place several times and everything was excelent
    Carolina from Madrid


    Good afternoon everybody, I have just read all your comments and i want to tell you that last year I ve start to collaborate with this amazing team and their are doing a very good job.

    Excelent service and collaboration with the artists.

    I totally recommend Galeria Gaudi from Madrid in order to exhibit your artworks in Europe and not only.

    They sold 2 of my pictures last year in Paris and this year I will participate again in the CANNES artfair in July.

    I ve just send to them more paintings in order to go to this fair.

    I also visited them in December when I was in Madrid with my familiy and I REALLY RECOMMEND YOU TO DO THAT.

    Greetings from ITALY,


  • Maaike Pope Zurcher

    Thanks for all the advice. I just got a mail from them asking me to present works at a fair in Copenhagen Art Nordic. I thought their website looked very professional but when I read all this above it sounds more like a scam. I did wonder why I received the invitation this late as the fair is from 20-22 of April.

    • Anonymous

      I have exhibited in Cologne with them and wasn’t happy at all. Nothing sold and my flyers hidden in the backroom for no-one to be seen. Now the artworks are in Spain and if I want them back, I have to pay for the shipping fees. Originally I am Switzerland. I would not recommend them, but everyone has different experiences as it seems.

  • Manuel

    Thanks for the comments, I have just received an email from this gallery inviting me to participate in the Milan fair.
    After reading the comments I have decided not to answer them

    • Jeroen

      Hello Jeroen,
      I am Ana, assistant and curator at GALERÍA GAUDÍ, in Madrid.
      We’d like you to collaborate with us in different art fairs around Europe. It would be great to have your email to send you further information.
      Thank you, Ana T.

  • Tom Morey

    We have just collected 3 large paintings of my wife’s that Galeria Gaudi took to the Koelner Liste art fair in Cologne back in April.
    1. just before the art fair she received an email asking for an additional (approx) €150 to cover VAT, which we refused as it wasn’t in the contract.
    2. we asked if they could ensure that one of the three in particular could definitely be displayed as we felt that it was slightly stronger than the rest. It wasn’t.
    3. No social media updates, no email to the artists with pictures from the fair, nothing. We chased them until they eventually sent a few completely unrelated photos and a video that showed my wife’s paintings for about 2 seconds max.
    4. When she signed up, they promised that any unsold works would be displayed in a summer exhibition. Emailed them in June to find out what was going on and got told there was no date fixed yet. Waited a month then emailed again, only to be told that they swap the paintings seemingly at random and that we could collect her paintings whenever we wanted.
    Never again.

  • clare masham

    Had several emails from them about shows, asking for lots of money so that they will to show your work, delivery to madrid to the show and back to Madrid. There was a show in London so I asked if I could deliver as I am here, they did not answer. Avoid

  • seth

    They offered me something similar for a fair in Milan in February.
    It sounds like a big fee even for transport, plus they get commission. I’ve been trying to research a bit about them, and I read some comments back to 2007 saying we should never pay to that gallery for this kind of deals. I don’t know, sounds risky.

      • MfromBarcelona

        I once commented them on not being interested in the fairs, but sure in showing the work in Madrid (I live in Barcelona and at that time I had a relationship going on with a guy from Madrid, so I would be going every other weekend over there).

        They weren’t interested.
        That made me wonder….
        they weren’t interested in my money because I could come round to see if my work was being shown?
        And so.. do they actually REALLY take those works to those fairs?
        How can you check?


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