Venus Studios LLC and Art Supply

A reader sent this in, any other feedback / experience?

Venus Studios LLC and Art Supply, Palm Desert, CA

They sold thousands of dollars of my work and did not pay my commission. I took them to court and won in full but they still did not pay a cent. Back to court, agreed on monthly payment plan, paid for 5 months, then stopped. Still owe me thousands. Treated me so badly, bullied and threatened.

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  • Gwen Fox

    As a professional artist and workshop teacher I taught at Venus Studios and Art Supply for three years. The last year Debra Mumm failed to pay for my services for a five day workshop …. it was a full workshop. After much effort Debra agreed to pay monthly but that lasted for only two months….I got less than six hundred dollars which paid for my airfare….not the workshop fee.
    There have been many attempts to get the money owed me but to no avail.
    She has threatened to sue me for $50,000 because I keep asking for my money.

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