Gallery DeBoer

Reader submitted – any feedback or experience from others?

Gallery DeBoer located in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. Total scammer the owner Ron De Boer is. Artists beware. He takes his 50% commission fails to call artists when their work sells, charges over the top delivery fees for a 10 minute delivery, intentionally hides work in the galleries storage area ( in hopes it will be lost or the artist will forget the work is there) and frequently adds random fees to artists without consent or permission. I was charged an additional $100 for them to copy and paste my bio to their website. They claim it’s a standard fee for three seconds of work. Numerous artists have been ripped off with hidden fees and a total lack of professionalism. The worst part is the gallery seems to enjoy taking advantage of its artists. They feel they are justified in their slimy way of doing business with hard working artists.

  • Anonymous

    Still going on, Ron is really a piece of work to be avoided at all costs. He preys on the old, will keep permanently items left with him for valuation: emails and phone calls will be ignored until you turn up at his door. Then the Bullshit will start to flow OMG it is thick, bring some popcorn and a towel.
    Honestly: Fuck Ron DeBoer before he fucks you.

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