Galerie Gora

A number of artists report being contacted by Montreal’s Galerie Gora with offers of exhibitions. Of course at first these emails are met with excitement, but then many of them realize they never submitted work to the gallery and they go on to read the terms of engagement. Galerie Gora solicits emerging artists, offering them exhibition space at very high cost. Again, while there is some debate over the validity of the gallery itself, it is a good rule of thumb to never fall victim to an email requesting money.

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    Galery Gora is a real art gallery, I was part of a group show there many years ago. It is an expensive place. I couldn’t afford their fee. I was among the artists because the show was part of a Festival of art an culture in Montreal. Their business consists on renting the space to artists at a high price, so that they can cover their expenses in case there is no sells.

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