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A reader sent in this – any other feedback/experience?

Everything that has to do with the curator Carolus Stoop and his moving gallery called galeria zero is such a scam, I remember it was my first year I was starting to exhibit so I did’t know about those practice, the guy had rented a lame place, booked twice the number of artists that he could show just to make money, the artworks were barely hanged, I saw paintings on tables put back to back, some artists who did not come to hang their works themselves had their works never leave the crates in which they were sent. It was so outrageous several artists called on Swiss TV to warn artists of this and to talk about art basel side fairs, later we tried to bring a lawyer in because it was pointless trying to get our money back from the man himself, but this person is an expert at this, he has a company in 2 different countries and he exhibits elsewhere so if you want to bring in the justice it has to be with international laws which artists can’t afford. I really advise all artists to stay away from the events he organizes.

  • an.

    Stay. Away. From. This. Man.
    So unprofessional. Even if it is not meant as a scam it is so disorganized and disrespectful (AND EXPENSIVE) than it results in one. Dreadful.

  • Annie

    Hi guys,

    the “positive” reviews here are from the owner and his associates, I know this for a fact as I have been in touch with them. Please don’t believe any of them- the man and his “gallery” are and always will be a scam.


  • Peter

    The comment published about GaleriaZero is completely false and respectless. It is obviously not made by the competence (they are used to be more clever) but by a poor and frustrated artist, who has no idea about the way of complaining.(if there should be a reason) The comment has no fundaments, it describes a situation without mentioning where or when, by who. Nothing serious to count with.
    He does not know that GaleriaZero is a hard working small company that exists more than 25 year’s and that spent a complete lifetime in promoting artists internationally. It deserves a great respect and there is no need to stand poor people like this anonym one. Critic is useful, but with a name, arguments and not just screaming around like a silly child.

    • GZ

      Dear anonymous,
      I know what exhibition you are talking about. 5 years ago isn,t it? I am trying to remember, because after GaleriaZero had 4 exhibitions more in Basel and I must say they were very interesting and successful. They were in the Haupt building and in 2018 it will be near to
      Artbasel. I apologize your experience 5 years ago. I do not know if it was really so bad because it is subjective as well, but the building was excellent, security as well, transport and punctual delivery of the works a disaster and PR could better.The presentation partly was excellent but there were some area that had technical matters due to the building.
      * There were about 120 visitors in the inauguration, which for a space of 1000 sqm looks rather empty, but is not the end of the world either, because the space was a little far. And indeed, some of these visitors bought art:)
      Good to hear there was tv. I suppose that they visited the exhibition as well?
      Anyway, too long ago to be in details, but it is clear that your experience could better and I hope that your career is on the good way again.
      All the best.

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