A reader sent in this – any other feedback/experience?

Everything that has to do with the curator Carolus Stoop and his moving gallery called galeria zero http://www.galeriazero.org/ is such a scam, I remember it was my first year I was starting to exhibit so I did’t know about those practice, the guy had rented a lame place, booked twice the number of artists that he could show just to make money, the artworks were barely hanged, I saw paintings on tables put back to back, some artists who did not come to hang their works themselves had their works never leave the crates in which they were sent. It was so outrageous several artists called on Swiss TV to warn artists of this and to talk about art basel side fairs, later we tried to bring a lawyer in because it was pointless trying to get our money back from the man himself, but this person is an expert at this, he has a company in 2 different countries and he exhibits elsewhere so if you want to bring in the justice it has to be with international laws which artists can’t afford. I really advise all artists to stay away from the events he organizes.