C Emerson Fine Arts / Phylogeny Contemporary

A reader sent this in, does anyone have experience with this gallery?

“C Emerson Fine Arts, mostly art fairs

Hot tempered, ill mannered, erratic , no contracts and clumsy with your artwork.”

  • The Real C. Emerson

    I don’t know who these individuals may be, choosing to hide behind the anonymity of the internet to launch slanderous and undocumented attacks against a reputable curator, art handler and gallerist. That, and why some anonymous user was compelled to post this thread a little over a year ago without any sort of documentation and rather generic claims. Additionally, why make these statements about a gallery that no longer existed? C. Emerson Fine Arts had transitioned into Phylogeny Contemporary long before this was posted, nearly an entire year, in fact. These comments reek something rather fishy, and I can’t help but wonder if there was initially malicious intent behind them, and the goal was defamation. Moreover, this is the only post tagged for the gallery on this website, and C. Emerson does not exist as a tag.

    tl;dr: I see no receipts, and this smells of cheats. Dots don’t connect.

  • Liz Tran

    I’m not sure what the background story is from those commenting anonymously. I’ll add my full name for transparency. I have worked with Phylogeny Contemporary for the past two years. They are extremely honest, generous and care deeply about their artists and clients. In addition, Phylogeny’s representation of my work has opened doors for me that otherwise would not have been opened. I enjoy working with them and will continue to do so.

  • Lori Johns

    I apologize for finding fault and disappointment with the professionalism of both artists that apply to exhibit. I have contracts in place for each exhibition. I have let one artist go mid presentation for excessive demanding or abusive communication toward myself. I have also returned artwork to this one particular artist( 99% sure who wrote this post initially) for sending quality of art not up to standards and of a condition, multiple professions called tracing and direct inkjet print, not drawn by hand as promised. I have also let potential shows go when communication became so unprofessional by artists; I decided to end those experiences. Stopping toxic exposures is industry standard, if you are representing yourself one way and then continuing as another, I have the right to say, No, No Thank you or any of those messages to disengage.

    I find it quite convenient post-J’ firing this posting is here. Sure being rejected by a curator may feel personal. This post is not going to say I haven’t lost temper ever in my career. However, I’ve had nightmare interns, nightmare employees unable to complete tasks asked of them resulting in half pay. One, in particular, most likely this originator physically harassed me in an art fair two full years after her firing. Security was given her photo for the next year exhibiting. THat year for SCOPE She went to see other art fairs instead of getting the boxes set for de-installation. She spent 2 hours looking for parking then bought pizza. I had to retrieve shipping containers with an artist personally. When she finally arrived and was paid half, for doing half work, She exhibited an obsessed mission to attack me personally for years after my gallery moved, evolved and successfully hired other staff for subsequent art fairs. In fact, that best art fair employee still texts me for personal and professional reasons. She and I worked well together because we are professional. That doesn’t mean letting someone go may provoke or anger others.

    Artists have stalked me online and at my events. I have excessive demanding artist disappointed not accepted for exhibit and frankly ugly mean-spirited humans along my path.

    I am doing quite well in Seattle and the select Art Fairs I work with. I still own the central avenue property, even if people are ugly I inherited that not bought the property. I challenger you to maintaining property taxes and tenant management for more than twenty years and then reflect on ownership and responsibility. My long-term tenants are happy and continue to re-sign leases.

    The artist in the Seattle art gallery location I bought, myself, with my own money and securing a mortgage as a self-employed person is no small feat itself, continues to exhibit artist with the correct level of professionalism in art and communication to the gallery. It’s ironic I found this and consider now how petty and what each of you had brought to this experience. The collaborative spirit has produced a co-curator this month to Phylogeny. As well the philanthropic components of my life have expanded. I fought to have Children’s Dream network on my property on central avenue. I threw 100% donation party to fundraising $550 for Doctors without BordersHalloween 2017, $400 for Seattle Humane society and $400 for Child Care Resource ( homeless children) post the holiday 2017 exhibit | The art of the gift.

    Statements about myself, especially with no proof is liable, defamation personally and professionally. I would recommend in future looking in your mirror. I would also suggest documentation before my need for an attorney. Posts like this, causing harm to my career are defamation. I have been an excellent sport to respond and not turn this over for legal advice. In future, I will not be generous.

  • bc

    She has moved to Seattle and is now Phylogeny Contemporary
    My experience with her – She’s very good at staging/hanging a show and she’s good at sales. She returns art promptly (and pays the return shipping) and pays her artist on time.
    She is unfortunately, sometimes moody and paranoid, emotionally erratic and doesn’t trust her artist. To the point where it’s very difficult to work with her.

    • Lori Johns

      Thaks for some compliments, I have no BC on my list of artist exhibited., so you are hiding some facts. I have had artists create a relationship not to be trusted occasionally, I’ve had artist sell work off my walls in an exhibition to friends, cutting me out the sale. Once at a show in St. Peterburg an artist removed a piece of art of the wall, gave it to a friend as payment for framing her work, not even considering I should have a commission on that gift.

      Anonymous posted main thread originally, and cowardly, but still liable sadly.

    • Lori Johns

      I have never even met this person, nor have I received submissions. what type of sad human makes up this type of fiction? I would laugh, however, it’s illegal to write defaming statements like this. cease and desist

  • MC

    Yes, I have had dealings with her when she had a studio in St Petersburg, Florida. It was a beautiful gallery space. She inherited this prime location from her parents. She was impossible, insulting to patrons and customers. I invited a well respected studio owner to an opening and she completely dissed the person. I have no idea what she is up to now, I understand she is doing art fairs.

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