Brick Lane Gallery

An artist said this gallery was not reputable, anyone have experience there?

    • Anonymous

      All the comments over the years are totally adequate,
      It is one of all these galleries who basically live off the artist who want to habe a chance to exhibit and think this is the way..there are tons..itsliquid, redgallery, visual artist association etc…
      It is a big business, using the artist , making money with them and the artist does not gain anything…
      Wait until someone really wants you , they ll find you , contact you and support you!
      Until then find little places, shop , bars , restaurants, interior shops to exhibit and make directly a deal with them ,
      Then you are in control and you really see if people buy your art.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad for these reviews. I’ve just received an email from them, and I’ve gotten so many scam emails at this point that I always google them when something sounds too good to be true. Thank you for the warnings, y’all!!

  • Lola Gayle

    I was a part of a show called art in mind in 2016. I live in Los Angeles and submitted my work by shipping it. When the event was over and the gallery shipped my images back one image was missing. The galley did not take responsibility that the piece was missing. It was handled poorly and I was never able to locate the piece. I do agree that it is a vanity gallery that displays hungry artist’s work, and charges the artist exorbitant amounts to display their work.

  • Tony

    I showed at Brick Lane Gallery in october 2015. Yes they charged 550£ for the minimum Wall space for a 2 week show.
    No effort was made from the gallery to attract audience to the show. During opening night I got the impression that the only audience present was friends and relatives of the artists, occasional bypassers not acounted for (and they where scarce). Clearly a vanity gallery to watch out for. Take it from one who didn’t.

    • Bonnie

      This was my experience as well in 2010, and unfortunately I didn’t find a forum that revealed this at that time. I traveled with my art from the U.S. at great expense, and they did not come through with the promotion that they promised me, nor the audience. I’m sorry to hear that others are continuing to have this experience.

  • Clem

    The Gallery is a vanity gallery. You pay them to show your artwork to your friends and your own contacts. They have no mailing list and no one from their “network” comes to the show, they have no incentive to promote you as they have their money. Opening nights are amateur. Appalling waste of artists money plus they do not pay their interns a penny. No one is impressed by them.

  • Sandra

    A part of an email from them:

    All that the artist needs to organise is the delivery and pickup of the artworks to and from the gallery, this makes it an ideal opportunity for international artists who cannot visit the UK.
    There is a gallery fee of £550 (+VAT) per 3 metre wide space for the two-week exhibition all our services are included and there are no extra costs. You can book as much space as you like 3,6 or 9 meters depending on how much work you wish to exhibit. The Photography NOW exhibition will take place between the 19th July – 1st August 2016 at The Brick Lane Gallery located at 216 Brick Lane, E16SA. The show is unthemed, so that we can show a real diverse range of subjects and styles mixing landscapes with urban scenes, portraits, abstract, and object-based photography.

    • Anon

      I have been told by reputable galleries in the UK that if they see that an artist has Brick Lane Gallery on their CV, they will be unimpressed. It is well known as a vanity gallery.

  • Crystal

    I showed my work there once for a group show The Peace Camp in the first year or two it opened. It was successful and had lots of ‘name dropped’ artists. I was not a full time artist of theirs. I am from London and have known about them. Any gallery that asks artists for money upfront in exchange of work should be wise to stay away. Can’t recall if they do this.

  • Anonymous

    I get emails from them all the time. They do charge a fee for exhibiting with them.
    A friend did it, invested in great quality prints and she actually sold enough to cover her expenses, but sales came all from her network. She told me artists were allowed to hang their pictures not in a professional way and, as a result, the image of the event was quite poor.

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