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A reader sent in this comment, does anyone have experience here?

“Have you heard of Blink Artist Resource? I am involved with them and I feel they may be in this group you have mentioned (pay to play)”

  • Carrie MaKenna

    I did pay to be in the Blink! Art Book which was indeed published and I received a copy of it. As part of the deal I sent one piece of artwork to the Blink! Artists Exhibit in Cincinnati. My work was stuck in an out of the way niche. I had no sales from this experience. I agree with above comments that it isn’t a scam, and you have to have artwork that appeals to interior designers. But it is a pay-to-play situation that is a gamble that promises no guarantee of sales. I viewed it as a marketing expense like putting an ad in a magazine.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had many good dealings with the company (Art Design Associates) and I respect the owner. The Blink catalog is definitely a form of pay to play, but they take no sales commission, to me it’s basically a marketing ad. (Pay to play isn’t necessarily a bad thing, that’s what Marketing is.) However, I agree with the comment that you can do well only if your artwork is attractive to interior designers, architects, etc. I tried it out, the only calls I got were from other artists asking if I got any sales from it. I didn’t renew. But I don’t think it is a scam. Like any other marketing effort, its a calculated risk and you may or may not find it is effective for you and your target audience.

  • Dale

    The only guarantee is they’ll get your money. I get a lot of emails from these people. I replied to the last one & got a snarky response justifying their fees. They didn’t really offer anything of real value.

  • Anyes Galleani

    They offer pages in their Blink catalog and they charge for it, but they are professional and the catalog looks good. The woman behind Blinc also has a showroom/gallery in cincinnati and has a big show once a year where she sell lots of art. I sold a painting twice through her and the second time i also got to work with 3 galleries, i am showing work with two of them right now (sold another piece) and in conversation with the third. So i can say that they have been good for me. However no one can guarantee what you get from a page in blink. Most likely the exposure to interior designers is worth it, but only if you have the right kind of art most of them are looking for.

  • Anonymous

    Although I have subscribed for 2 years, I think it its primarily a money-machine for the aggressively hustling owner to take advantage of artists. The sales they claim to generate and their resulting income from commissions should go a long way to sustaining a profitable business, without charging outrageously high fees to artists…. looks like double-dipping to me.. I will not be renewing.

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