Tvak : Residential Art Studios

Can you set up a residency category? Lots of problems there is you are just beginning. I traveled to India last year to this place: Owner did not connect me with sculptor after 10 days. I went with a local friend and set it up with said sculptor in under an hour. When I got back to Tvak, owner kicked me out and kept $700 USD. She is notorious for doing the same to local artists. She also tried to derail my connection with the sculptor. Mean person. In April 2017, a poet came from UK and she said she’d get him a place to stay in town. Never did and he had to rely on another organization. Steer clear.

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  1. This is very interesting. I am scheduled to stay there this fall. I remember seeing, on the website, a clear notice that one must stay in residence the whole time or be asked to leave. Would be interested to hear more from others!

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