Galería Gaudí

Galería Gaudí in Madrid -they offered to exhibit 5 works in Singapore for €1,400 with 40% commission. Work was to be exhibited in a hotel, (which I hear is fairly common in Singapore) but unlikely to attract uninvited guests

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  1. They offered me something similar for a fair in Milan in February.
    It sounds like a big fee even for transport, plus they get commission. I’ve been trying to research a bit about them, and I read some comments back to 2007 saying we should never pay to that gallery for this kind of deals. I don’t know, sounds risky.

      1. I once commented them on not being interested in the fairs, but sure in showing the work in Madrid (I live in Barcelona and at that time I had a relationship going on with a guy from Madrid, so I would be going every other weekend over there).

        They weren’t interested.
        That made me wonder….
        they weren’t interested in my money because I could come round to see if my work was being shown?
        And so.. do they actually REALLY take those works to those fairs?
        How can you check?


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