Galería Gaudí

Galería Gaudí in Madrid -they offered to exhibit 5 works in Singapore for €1,400 with 40% commission. Work was to be exhibited in a hotel, (which I hear is fairly common in Singapore) but unlikely to attract uninvited guests

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  1. We have just collected 3 large paintings of my wife’s that Galeria Gaudi took to the Koelner Liste art fair in Cologne back in April.
    1. just before the art fair she received an email asking for an additional (approx) €150 to cover VAT, which we refused as it wasn’t in the contract.
    2. we asked if they could ensure that one of the three in particular could definitely be displayed as we felt that it was slightly stronger than the rest. It wasn’t.
    3. No social media updates, no email to the artists with pictures from the fair, nothing. We chased them until they eventually sent a few completely unrelated photos and a video that showed my wife’s paintings for about 2 seconds max.
    4. When she signed up, they promised that any unsold works would be displayed in a summer exhibition. Emailed them in June to find out what was going on and got told there was no date fixed yet. Waited a month then emailed again, only to be told that they swap the paintings seemingly at random and that we could collect her paintings whenever we wanted.
    Never again.

  2. Had several emails from them about shows, asking for lots of money so that they will to show your work, delivery to madrid to the show and back to Madrid. There was a show in London so I asked if I could deliver as I am here, they did not answer. Avoid

  3. They offered me something similar for a fair in Milan in February.
    It sounds like a big fee even for transport, plus they get commission. I’ve been trying to research a bit about them, and I read some comments back to 2007 saying we should never pay to that gallery for this kind of deals. I don’t know, sounds risky.

      1. I once commented them on not being interested in the fairs, but sure in showing the work in Madrid (I live in Barcelona and at that time I had a relationship going on with a guy from Madrid, so I would be going every other weekend over there).

        They weren’t interested.
        That made me wonder….
        they weren’t interested in my money because I could come round to see if my work was being shown?
        And so.. do they actually REALLY take those works to those fairs?
        How can you check?


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