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The Art Letters and Numbers in Averill Park


Hello, This about an artist residency that was
a total mistake misleading scam. The Art Letters and Numbers in Averill Park NY State turned our to be a false advertising hyped up disgusting crack like shit house . The director is an arch.professor! At Cooper Union the board and people involved print out like an uber intellectual forum. Way way higher learning and well read group. I chose this rez for its locations I could drive there and fill my car with supplies instead of flying and scratching around for supplies like I did at Arte Studio Ginestrelle in Italy! It was super cheap to go.. I should have known.. I arrived to a big old crumbling decaying house in no where, the sign was on the ground leaning against the house. I drove up the hill beside the house no one was there at first.. I entered this place with a strong smelll of mildew and damp. I wandered around some one popped up and we exchanged hellos
The people running it were not there they had gone to NY, but I was showed around by this young resident I felt not sure about it from the first minute. But was trying to figure out my thoughts he helped me bring stuff from the car and led me upstairs to the most disgusting bedroom. An old mattress on a wood pallet, filthy windows one broken, a filthy fan blowing on one , walls stripped of wall paper and moldy, elec. Outlets pulled out and hanging
It was like a crack house.. the youngster thought it was cool right? I was sick to my stomach and knew I could not stay there another minute. I took my things back to the car and left. I drove to the next big town, Albany and stayed in a hotel. Completely humiliated I wrote to the email I had with them and explained my disgust. oh sorry they wrote we will refund you. No problem. They said oh yeah it was an abandoned property for many years… as they did not have money yet to fix up. ! What! They paid me back and I am now of course a little jaded to really trust residencies. They thought it was cool ?  Incredible and criminal.