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Paks Gallery

PAKS Gallery and MAMAG Museum invite to exhibit at Cannes Film Festival, Art Basel Week and Carrousel du Louvre

I recently received an email from the curator Heinz Playner telling me their curator team was impressed by my work. They sent an invitation and an offer to exhibit my art in 2022 at the MAMAG Modern Art Museum in Austria. Also that the Paks gallery would like to represent me and an offer to participate in the International Fine Biennale Basel, ART BASEL ART WEEK IN 2023, ALSO THE CANNES fILM fESTIVAL, and also in the Carrousel du Louvre. Has anyone been involved with the PAKS Gallery in Vienna or the MAMAG Museum with such an offer? What was…

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PAKS Gallery, Vienna/other locations

For more than a year i have been spammed with mails from this gallery. They use my full name followed by the sentence: “as you know, gallery repressentation is very important for the artist’s career.” I find this marketing strategy very aggressive since i politely stated as a reply to the first mail i got – that i didn’t need repressentation by a foreign gallery. I did not block the email, because i wanted to see, what they were “tempting” me with. It is a pay-for-play/vanity gallery and i read some negative reviews online that has confirmed this is not…

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