Banditto residency

I got contacted by The Banditto Residency in Italy. Did some research and got in touch with 2 artists who had been invited to go.
they ask people to apply but apparently end up inviting artists who already have a bit of exposure.
so is the process legit ? the fee just a mean to make a little extra ?
they have no press. seems quite fishy but i’d love to hear some other feedbacks.

  • Anonymous

    I have been contacted this year and last year as well.
    Last year he gave me a discount saying that my art fits very well and bla bla, this year as well, he send me personally some mails early this year to ask me to follow him on Instagram and asking me how i was dealing with the situation as an artist, etc. Very charming and friendly but always was very weird for me. Why this person is so interested?
    A month later he send me another mail inviting me to participate this year again, he told me that there was not too many artist enrolled this year so i should definitely participate because i had “big” chances.

    It seems that he does this kind on things with a lot of people. This is so unfair, he’s playing with artist making them believe that they’re about to achieve a big thing and is all bullshit. So annoying

  • Anonymous

    I’m also being “courted” by Roy Ockers of the Banditto Residency. He is very responsive and charming and does actually look at your art work. One has to decide if they want to”pay to play” and although I usually say NO to artists paying for things like this- – it is possible that doing one or two of these residencies will lead to to other things. It’s really a personal decision. My last residency at the Chateau Orquevaux, in France was inspiring and I met two other artists that are now very close friends. It was a fntastc exoerience ans[d well worth the $1,500 euros that I spent to stay for two weeks.


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