NYA Gallery keeps emailing me and contacting me through Instagram. Email is from NYAFAIR, TriBeCa, says there located at 7 Franklin Place, New York, NY. Seems fishy to me. I googled their curatorial fee and saw fees from $249 to $150 (if art is accepted), plus artist is responsible for shipping up and back. Anyone know anything? Thanks!


(NYA has many names, they should all be listed. They seem to re-brand every few months. Most recent is NYA ART Center, and the owner, Shane Townley also runs something under the same address Townley Studio. For $250 per painting per show, he must be doing good $. They make believe foreign artists on facebook that the nice looking crown statue and space is the gallery but that entire space belongs to a neighbor office and has nothing to do with them. Most of the gallery space is in the basement and is a major fire trap. I know several people who’s art works were not displayed as agreed or missing.)