Residency Arquetopia located in Puebla, Mexico
They were in a rush to get my bank transfer.
Once I got there, they gave me a studio separated from the group because I paint in oil. They never told me before hand I would be painting in a separate room.
The room was located on the fourth floor made out all off glass without air conditioned and with way too much light for a painter! Think about it were in Mexico! It is super hot and sunny. A room made out of glass really! I couldn’t paint a hole week. They didn’t offer anything to compensate the money I lost. They didn’t reply to me for 3 days because it was apparently the week-end and once they respond they did act like I was disturbing them. It took them too long to react and their only idea was to put paper in the window. They had no excuse. They knew an artist painting in oil was coming right! Anyway, I was unable to paint during the hole residency because it was too hot.

One of the guy is an American and he knows exactly what he is doing business wise.
During the residency they never came to ask genuinely how we were and to make sure we were fine. They kept to themselves.
All the resident there were mostly young women having an art residency experience for their first time.
When I ask for a formal receipt of the art residency for my tax purposes, they never responded to me. I emailed them several times. I never heard back.

What was included in this art residency?
-Four week residency
-Four individual meeting with text to read
-a room and one meal included a day
The price: 1,780$ US. It did cost me 2,520$ in Canadian dollar.

This residency is all about the business of financing their big houses and the music school of the owner.
I don’t recommend it unless you are desperate.