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Incredible Artists

Incredible Artists

A reader submits this feedback / experience here?

Ricky Pantele of Incredible Artists in California seems highly professional and enthusiastic but has been known to want to change the terms of the contract after signing. Proceed with caution.

Bruce Lurie Gallery

Bruce Lurie

A reader sent this in – anyone else with feedback / experience?

Bruce Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles — To make a long story short, Bruce and his twin brother expressed interest in my work. A few months later, Bruce called me to say he’d like to present my work in his booth at the Southampton Art Fair on Long Island. However, I’d have to ship my work to the fair, be responsible for shipping it back to me if it didn’t sell AND pay him a $1,000 “booth fee.” And the commission on work sold would still be 50%. This sounded irregular to me, so I contacted a successful gallery owner friend who does a lot of business at art fairs around the country and asked her what she thought. She was adamant that it was one thing for me to ship the work to him, but transporting it to and from the fair should be the gallery’s responsibility and that she’d never, ever, charge an artist a “booth fee.” “It’s our job to cover the overhead,” she said. She added that she didn’t have a high opinion of the Southampton Art Fair anyway — there was another one on Long Island that was better funded and organized and had a better clientele. When I called Bruce and politely told him I’d be willing to participate but not if I had to pay for shipping to and from the fair or a portion of the booth fee, he suddenly transformed from the friendly, ingratiating guy he’d been toward me to curt irritation. Suffice to say, I felt glad that I had not gotten further involved with him.

Venus Studios LLC and Art Supply

Venus Studios LLC and Art Supply

A reader sent this in, any other feedback / experience?

Venus Studios LLC and Art Supply, Palm Desert, CA

They sold thousands of dollars of my work and did not pay my commission. I took them to court and won in full but they still did not pay a cent. Back to court, agreed on monthly payment plan, paid for 5 months, then stopped. Still owe me thousands. Treated me so badly, bullied and threatened.

Totally Artistic, Inc

Galleries, Totally Artistic

This gallery was run by Scott Shane of Woodland Hills, CA. It was first called the Visual Arts Gallery and then changed its name to Totally Artistic, Inc. Scott (aka Shane) had a contract drawn up that each artist who paid for a membership, were required to donate a piece of their art to the organization so that Shane could use it to represent them and market their art. When the organization went under about 4 years later, Shane kept all of the art work and never returned it to the artists. He used it to decorate his home in Big Bear and his place in Woodland Hills. Unfortunately, many of the artists were never informed of this and are only now finding out that their work was stolen and the statute of limitations has expired.