Raw Artists

Pay-to-play, all the way for this art-fair scam. Artists are required to sell 20 tickets at $15-$20 each to show their work. Any unsold tickets are the responsibility of the artist to pay for if they want their work shown.
These shindigs usually include live music (bands who are lured into participating with the same ticket-selling scheme). So RAW offers a club (or other venue) owner free entertainment for the use of their venue for this “event”. The venues can charge a cover, and charge as they normally would for drinks, etc. and keep the profits, so they love the idea.
Read thru their FAQ and judge for yourself. https://www.rawartists.org/faqs

Contemporary Art Projects USA

Reader Submitted;

Contemporary Art Projects USA
Website: http://contemporaryartprojectsusa.com/
Below is the fee break-down that this agent will charge you. Remember, on top of it, the artists are responsible for shipping the work to and from the amenity. AND they will charge a 30% commission on sold work. They probably make money on artist fees alone. There is no incentive for them to sell your work. When you receive a message from this agent wanting to promote you work, do not bother your time message back.
$1,900 One Piece: space, hanging and curating process
 Size: Maximum 40” x 40” (Wide x Height)
 Photography must be on Aluminum or Plexiglas or with proper framing
 Art Paint or Photography must be a maximum of 40” x 40”
 Installations are not accepted
 Light is not added. $100.00/light
$2,800 Two Pieces: space, hanging and curating process
 Size: 2 of Maximum 40” height x 40” width. One in top of other.
102 cm height x 102cm width.
One Piece with a Maximum 75” height x 40” width.
 Photography must be on Aluminum, Plexiglas or Museum Style Frame.
 Installation is permitted at this Price Level at a maximum width of 40” (102cm) and 75” (102cm) height.
 Light is not included at this price
$3,800 Two Pieces: space, lighting and curating process
 Size: 2 of Maximum 40” (102cm) x 75” (190cm). Side by Side. Maximum of 80” inches in width.
 Photography must be on Aluminum or Plexiglas
 Installation is permitted at this price level at a maximum 75” (80” width x 75” in height)

Gallery DeBoer

Reader submitted – any feedback or experience from others?

Gallery DeBoer located in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. Total scammer the owner Ron De Boer is. Artists beware. He takes his 50% commission fails to call artists when their work sells, charges over the top delivery fees for a 10 minute delivery, intentionally hides work in the galleries storage area ( in hopes it will be lost or the artist will forget the work is there) and frequently adds random fees to artists without consent or permission. I was charged an additional $100 for them to copy and paste my bio to their website. They claim it’s a standard fee for three seconds of work. Numerous artists have been ripped off with hidden fees and a total lack of professionalism. The worst part is the gallery seems to enjoy taking advantage of its artists. They feel they are justified in their slimy way of doing business with hard working artists.

La Sala/Royal Cantina

Reader submitted – any feedback /experience here?

La Sala/Royal Cantina at 58 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA


They take advantage of artists and performers by having them put down a deposit to use the space and charge show goers food and drinks money. If they make enough with the guests, then the artists are not charged for using the space. They do not have a tip jar for the artists and keep all the money for themselves. Diana Beshara (http://www.dianabeshara.com) and her boyfriend run the place. I went there to see a friend perform, they did not specify on their events page that there would be a door fee, so I thought it was a free show. When I got there, Diana kept badgering me to buy a drink, lied about the door fee and started a tip jar for the artists after I inquired about not seeing one. My friend who I went to see perform later on told me that they did not give them any money.

They only care about the money, and will ruin their own reputation over a non existent $10 door fee.

Artrom Gallery

a reader writes this, any feedback/experience here?

I had problems with the Artrom Gallery in Rome, Italy. It took me 3 years to get my work back after an invitational exhibit. I was not the only one either, I found another artist that was waiting for her work ever. longer. I found this artist when the gallery owner sent me some pictures after I wrote her many times, where she exhibited my work without my permission with this other artist, well, more like decorated her apartment. Together we got her to finally return our work.