Raw Artists

Pay-to-play, all the way for this art-fair scam. Artists are required to sell 20 tickets at $15-$20 each to show their work. Any unsold tickets are the responsibility of the artist to pay for if they want their work shown.
These shindigs usually include live music (bands who are lured into participating with the same ticket-selling scheme). So RAW offers a club (or other venue) owner free entertainment for the use of their venue for this “event”. The venues can charge a cover, and charge as they normally would for drinks, etc. and keep the profits, so they love the idea.
Read thru their FAQ and judge for yourself. https://www.rawartists.org/faqs

3 thoughts on “Raw Artists”

  1. Just got suckered into this. Going by the name Conceptions Art. Their business website is fair but the personal webpage they promise never materialized. Initally my guest couldn’t purchase tickets and after I complained it was fixed 4 days before the event. It was in a huge space with 42 other suvkers like me! 15 tickets each or $250.00 per person. SMH do the math!

  2. I fell for this scam initially and backed out at the last minute. The venues are places that normally charge little or no door fee, yet artists are expected to sell 15/20 tix.

  3. Second this. RAW is a raw deal. reminded me of “battle of the bands” type scams for musicians run by Gorilla Productions. if you’re responsible for finding people to (pay to) come, you’re better off throwing your own event.

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